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weight loss workout plan for men

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men

Men’s magazines, newspaper articles, the internet, apps and your (ten years younger) mates at work who’ve never had a struggle with their fitness. What do all of these things have in common? They are all full of fitness advice and weight loss workout plan for men.

With so many “experts” and guides floating around, it’s becoming simpler to switch off and ignore it all. And with good reason. While some articles and information are grounded in good science and proven techniques, the vast majority are click-bait aiming to collect extra page views, or peddling a link to sell a 12-week weight loss workout plan for men for a few hundred pounds.

At Fitter Healthier Dad (FHD) we’d had enough of all of that rubbish.

So we set out to create a solution. A practical, hands-on guide for real men, and real dads to follow, that actually fits in with your busy lives in the real world. We’re pretty happy with the results. Here’s a preview.

No Gym!

As far as catchy titles go, it turns out “No Gym!” is a pretty good one. When we talk to our members about the biggest hurdle they face as busy professionals or dads, we often hear a common theme.

Meet Dave. He is a pretty typical guy in his early 40s. All through his teenage years and 20s, he enjoyed a few drinks with mates on weekends (and sometimes a few more than a few). He also ate poorly on occasion because pizza and burgers and the occasional curry are delicious.

But unlike the “typical” overweight or unfit guy portrayed in the media, Dave wasn’t a slob. He went to the gym or for a run two to three times a week. And he was also pretty good with social sport, playing in a team on and off for years. And while he was partial to a burger, he did aim to eat well most of the time by including a salad and some extra serves of vegetables where he could.

But Dave’s biggest problem was that once he became a dad, he just ran into a wall with the gym and running side of things and felt like he had no time to go and exercise any more. So working out two to three times a week turned into working out (maybe) once every two weeks. And after that, the weight piled on pretty quickly, and his energy, fitness and motivation all took a hit.

Any of that sound familiar?

Our Solution

We hear you. FHD was created for real men, not the ones who can easily find four slots in their week to troop off to the gym or hit the road for a ride or a run. And “No Gym!” takes that even further.

We introduce you to the principles you need to stick to actually see results in six simple steps. And we also include a practical four-week training program. And as the title suggests, the programme is something you can do at home, when you have 20-30 minutes free.

If you’re after a solution that has been created for someone like you, by someone like you, then we’re excited you’ve made it this far. If you want to take the next step, we’d love you to be part of the No Gym! programme and the FHD Community so that you can get started on the journey to getting the results you want with the practical steps and a programme that works in the real world.

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