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Weight Loss Calculator: What To Measure?

Ever heard the term treasure what you measure???

I remember coming out of the gym, feeling really good about myself that I trained hard and was improving my overall health and fitness.

What To Measure For Weight Loss

Generally I would train during my lunch hour and as I worked in the City of London there were never a shortage of places to eat walking back to the office. Other than on a Friday I would eat healthy food from Monday to Thursday.

There were so many choices from Japanese Katsu Curry, to Salad’s which you picked your ingredients and were made in front of you or the staple of Pret A Manger sandwiches.

I would eat from any one of these places week in week out and as far as I was concerned, it was freshly made food and as I had just been to the gym some carbs would be fine.

As I became more and more conscious about the production of food and the elements of food such as carbohydrates, fat, protein known as macro nutrients I started to pay more attention as to what I was eating on a daily basis.

With the advent of ‘Health Tech’ and the world of app’s I started to track the food I was eating on a daily basis.

I researched for  a weight loss calculator and this is when things became very very interesting!!!

I started to use an app called MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal, you can enter in all of the food you consume through out the day, be default when you set it up it will work of the standard daily settings for men and women.

You can enter in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and any exercise you do through out the day. Whilst the main unit of measurement is calories, the app allows you to go into more detail and drill down into things such as fats, protein, carbohydrates etc.

If the food you eat is shop brought and has a barcode you can scan the barcode from the app and it will automatically enter in the food for you.

Why this is interesting because by tracking what your eating you can very quickly and easily see what is in your food and how much of it you are consuming on a daily basis.

The biggest shock for me was the amount of sugar and saturated fat was in the ‘Healthy’ food I was eating on a daily basis. By having a view of what it was I could tailor my diet accordingly. Once I understood this is made a big difference to the type of food I would eat and I became far more aware of what food to eat and when to eat it (we will talk about timing of eating in another post)

I would suggest tracking what you eat and drink over the period of 2 weeks, this will give you a real insight as to what you are consuming and where you can make changes and improvements

I would love to hear your stories and results from doing the 2 week food diary, please leave comments below!

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