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The 80/20 Diet Plan Rule

I’m assuming you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule???

For those that haven’t, I will explain.

Its called the Pareto Principle….

The Pareto Principle is the observation (not law) that most things in life are not distributed evenly .

Why is this important, well because when you are either first starting out on your fitness and nutrition journey or re-lighting the journey! This rule definitely applies.

So if you consider the two area’s fitness and nutrition they are both very important parts of achieving your overall objective, irrespective of what the objective is. For example, you could be training to run a marathon or just looking to lose some body fat or a complete transformation.

Personally, I feel the two subjects have to go together but sadly nutrition is the one which is lacking when you got to a gym to sign up or meet the personal trainer for the first time.

Yes they may talk about easy ways to lose weight, nutrition and give you some guidance but its very lackluster with the focus being mainly on the fitness.

Now the 80/20 principle applies in the following way.

Its 80% nutrition and 20% fitness…….!!!!!!!

Have you heard the phrase ‘Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym’.

This is very very true, you cannot train like an Olympic athlete and then go and stuff your face with junk food which is more than double the calories you’ve burnt off. Now the majority of us don’t train like an Olympic athlete (well I certainly don’t) but the point is, it does not matter how hard you train if your nutrition is not clean then you won’t make the progress.

For many when we first start (if the goal was to lose weight) in the majority of cases you wouldn’t even need to do the fitness part if your diet was changed.

So before you head off on that 5k run or sign up and get down the gym for the first time, just track and see what you eat over the next couple of weeks. You will be very surprised what is in your current diet with calories, fats etc….

Focusing 80% of your attention on your diet and 20% on your fitness within the space of 6 weeks you will start to see the changes take place.

Now initially once you have focused on the nutrition you will start to see results.

Again (depending on your goals), as you progress the changes will still be happening but not as fast and that is why you need to be consistent over a longer period of time to meet your goals and objectives.

I hope this helps…..HIT me up in the comments below if you have any questions…..

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