Darren and Fitter Healthier Dad, I am truly grateful for your help on this journey - Its only beginning!! I have lost weight, I feel lighter, more energetic, more focused, needing less sleep, my cravings have reduced. I have found ways to improve or distract my craving moments. My knowledge and understanding around food and nutrition has improved immensely. I am training more consistently and I am enjoying my training better as I am seeing the best results I have seen on over 10 years. It is an all-round success and I am only in my third month. I have a big goal by Christmas and I am on track. I am now setting my goals for 2020 and beyond.
Damien Finnegan
90/10 Transformation System - I have way more energy and lost 5kg in two weeks!! I am so glad I started the program before this trip, so that I can make some good food choices, like swapping out sandwiches at lunch for Salads and in the evening changing pizza for fish dishes. From last week I felt my clothes fitting better and this week notice the extra energy levels. I’ve lost 5kg in the last two weeks!!!!.
Narinder Ruprai