Abs After 40 | How Men Can Lose Fat and Get Abs

abs after 40

Getting abs after 40 and losing fat can be hard, so if you are reading this article, a congratulations is in order. That’s because you are clearly taking steps to look after your health, boost your confidence, and get more energy into your life. That’s the good news. The bad news is getting abs after […]

Processed Foods vs Whole Foods: What’s the Difference?

diet tips for men

Diet tips for men range from eating less, to eating more protein, or even just cutting out carbs.  Most guys who are looking to get abs over 40 or dads who are trying to begin a weight loss program know that processed food is bad. But beyond some vague associations of burgers and frozen pizzas […]

Diet Plans for Men: Guaranteed to Cut Belly Fat

healthy bowl of food

The internet is full of diet plans for men, women, children, dogs, and just about everything else on the planet. They range from fairly normal ideas, like eating less junk food, to some pretty crazy things like only eating potatoes or bananas – yeah, seriously. So how do you know which is the best or […]