Episode 108 – Are you at Risk of Diabetes? With Anita Beckwith

Anita Beckwith

Episode Highlights 00:02:36 Guest’s Background 00:03:13 Why there’s a huge rise of type two diabetes 00:12:42 Eating a nutrient dense diet 00:16:22 Elements of Diet 00:20:58 What affects our dietary choices? 00:24:43 How to deal your cravings at night 00:32:03 Symptoms of Diabetes 00:34:47 Prevention of Diabetes 00:41:42 Top 5 key takeaways 00:43:31 Importance of […]

Episode 86 – What is Cortisol? with Dr. Debbie Rice from DUTCH Test

Dr. Debbie Rice

Episode Highlights 00:01:38 Guest Background 00:03:27 Acute vs Lifestyle stuff in medicine 00:07:48 What is Cortisol and its function? 00:13:58 Right amount of cortisol in your body 00:16:03 Correlation between cortisol and testosterone 00:19:14 Exchange between cortisol and melatonin 00:21:08 How¬† does caffeine affect cortisol? 00:28:06 High cortisol increases fat in the lower abdomen? 00:31:47 […]

Episode 85 – What Benefits can Coaching Provide? – Darren Kirby

darren kirby

Episode Highlights 00:01:37 Knowing what is right for your needs 00:03:42 Having a digital program that will work for you 00:05:20 Importance of having a fitness coach 00:08:07 Taking the TT40 Method framework 00:11:45 Causes of not getting the result     Links Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave a review on […]

Episode 84 – Should you take supplements? – with Christian Baker, Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens

Episode Highlights 00:01:42 How Athletic Greens exists and why 00:03:54 How the body absorbs¬† nutrients 00:05:47 Why do we need Athletic Greens 00:13:29 Do we need a food supplement? 00:15:42 Key ingredients in the athletics green product 00:21:36 Things that affects testosterone levels 00:25:19 Athletic Greens probiotic and prebiotic different from other products 00:29:53 Importance […]