Episode 120 – 10 Rules For Resilience For Dads with Joe De Sena

Joe De Sena

Episode Highlights 00:01:11 The no.1 motivator for our species is the avoidance of discomfort 00:02:29 Joe’s background 00:03:47 Why Joe believes it is good to seek discomfort in our lives 00:05:33 Don’t confuse living longer with being healthier 00:07:27 Joes’ motivation- the next generation has to be better than us 00:08:53 Are we turning our […]

Episode 119 – It’s cold and dark 5 Tips to Winter Fitness with Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby

Episode Highlights 00:01:03 Reasons why people aren’t consistent with exercise 00:03:38 5 Tips to winter fitness 00:06:18 Book your fitness activity into your calendar 00:07:38 Find a partner in your fitness journey 00:09:45 Play it Forward 00:12:29 Make a deal and give yourself a reward 00:16:56 Commit to doing just the minimum Links Athletic Greens […]