Episode 82 – The Fitter Healthier Celebrity Dad with Ben Shephard

Ben Shephard

Episode Highlights 00:03:39 What is health and fitness when it comes to family 00:13:47 Importance of sport to mental wellbeing 00:21:56 Football vs Rugby 00:23:15 Why we need to be more active 00:28:53 No one regrets doing exercise 00:30:18 Having the discipline and control of your body 00:42:09 Five key takeaways to lean a bit […]

Episode 81 – Fitness Gadgets and Gizmos with Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby

Episode Highlights 00:01:04 Why data is important in health and fitness 00:02:51 Tracking our daily activity 00:04:34 Different tracking devices that can be use 00:06:27 Why we should track our heart rate 00:10:58 Blue light blocking glasses 00:17:34 Top five gadgets and gizmos     Links Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave […]

Weight Loss for Men: Reasons the Weight Isn’t Coming Off

man with mouth open

Weight loss for men may sound daunting but when broken down into a few key components is a simple task, even for men over 40. If your current weight loss program isn’t working, there might be several reasons why. Knowing why the weight isn’t coming off and what to do about it enhances weight loss […]

10 Best Fat-Burning Exercises for Men in their 40’s

best fat-burning exercise

Doing regular fat-burning exercises for men is crucial when getting shredded is your goal. The right exercises help you gain lean mass in all the right places to achieve the muscular physique you desire. Don’t sell yourself short just because you’re over 40. Try some of the 10 best fat-burning exercises for men in their […]