Episode 123 – Building a Resilient Body and Mind with Brian Keane

Brian Keane

Episode Highlights 00:02:41 Brian’s background 00:04:16 Brian’s story 00:11:51 Follow your curiosity to find your path in life 00:15:29 Build your “confidence table” 00:16:27 Get your mindset right first 00:18:41 The role of the Ego in the fitness journey 00:19:59 Fix your roof before you decide on curtains! 00:23:25 Become more self aware 00:24:49 Experience […]

Episode 122 – How To Improve Your Vision with Jake Steiner

Jake Steiner

Episode Highlights 00:01:12 Jake’s background 00:02:40 Does anyone need to wear glasses for short sightedness? 00:04:38 Why should you strive to improve your health over 40? 00:08:43 A short scientific explanation of why you can’t see clearly 00:11:47 How can you start “weaning” off glasses? 00:14:23 Why is nobody talkling about reversing myopia? 00:16:02 How […]

Episode 121 – Never Binge Again With Dr Glenn Livingston

Glenn Livingston

Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Background to the guest 00:02:44 Glenn’s journey 00:14:02 The dangers of “fake” foods 00:17:03 Making rules to improve your relationship with food 00:18:28 Taking control of the “reptilian” brain 00:24:12 Most food choices and patterns can be traced back to our childhood experiences 00:26:22 Severing the link between emotion and behaviour in […]