Motivation to Workout – 9 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

Motivation to Workout

Motivation to Workout. People who hit the gym for the first time in a while often get disappointed in themselves. That’s because they’re expecting to see progress in an instant.   But we all know it’s not like that.   You’ll notice that you will lose weight and gain it back, again and again. And […]

Episode 87 – Are you Motivated to Exercise? with Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby

Episode Highlights 00:00:35 How to keep being motivated 00:03:22 Importance of having a goal 00:06:05 Setting your workout in your calendar 00:08:50 Finding your most optimal time to train     Links Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave a review on iTunes   Transcript Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast, where […]