Episode 107 – Why is Fibre Good for our Guts? With Helenor from Troo


Episode Highlights 00:02:25 Guest Background 00:07:03 Better choices in food 00:10:32 Why is Fiber so important in our diet? 00:16:05 Are fruits good for us? 00:23:44 Saying goodbye to the pills by eating the right healthy food 00:27:23 Good food tastes good 00:28:55 4 Pillars of achieving gut health 00:31:11 What we eat affects our […]

Episode 106 – Improve Gut Health and Reduce Stress with Madison Brookes

Madison Brookes

Episode Highlights 00:00:59 Guest’s Background 00:02:22 An Alternative Route 00:04:07 Self Evaluation 00:10:08 Connect with your Inner Child 00:13:16 Nervous System 00:13:57 Nutrition Links to Stress 00:18:47 Optimizing Time for Yourself 00:22:47 Be Fun, Be Creative 00:24:56 Stress and Sleep 00:28:52 Sleep Deprivation on Stress Level 00:31:45 Gut and Brain Connection 00:34:38 Brain Fog in […]

Why It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Gut

Best Workout For Middle Aged Man

If you feel like you’ve seen the words “gut health” and “microbiome” a lot more lately, you’re not alone. In times gone by, when the “gut” was referred to it was typically referencing the dreaded middle-aged man belly, stereotypically brought on by bad food and too many beers over the years. But the focus on […]