Episode 77 – 2020 Podcast Review with Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby

  Episode Highlights 00:00:52 Guests Review 00:02:34 Launching the new TT40 program 00:08:49 Guest who talks about Metabolic dysfunction 00:14:05 Importance of focusing our breath 00:18:59 What is a collagen protein? 00:29:26 Top 5 podcast episode for the year 2020     Links Instagram Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave a review […]

Episode 76 – Become a Stronger Cyclist with Anthony from Roadman Cycling

Roadman Cycling

  Episode Highlights  00:02:04 Background of the guest 00:13:19 Midlife Crises 00:18:06 Importance of dedication yourself to one thing 00:20:49 What is Cortisol? 00:26:55 Simple things we need to do always 00:29:10 How cycling becomes a scientific sport compared with others 00:35:59 What is habit stacking 00:45:54 Managing your time in training 00:50:51 Importance of […]

Episode 75 – Happy Christmas from Fitter Healthier Dad

Fitter Healthier Dad

  Episode Highlights 00:01:17 It’s okay to indulge in things that we love during this time 00:02:26 Top tip for  this Christmas time 00:05:21 Wishing everyone  a Merry Christmas     Links Instagram Facebook Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave a review on iTunes   Transcript Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad […]

Episode 74 – Movement As Medicine With Natalie From Not Another Runner Podcast

not another runner podcast

  Episode Highlights 00:05:22 How running can  help you  stop smoking 00:08:11 Exercise can help make you mentally well 00:16:29 How important is vitamin D 00:24:55 Why we don’t need motivation 00:26:41 Yoga help our mental state 00:31:57 The proper way of running exercise 00:35:52 Hydrate before you caffeinated. 00:37:14 Process of meditation 00:39:46 Insight […]

Episode 73 – How To Avoid Fitness Injuries With Paul Hobrough

Paul Hobrough

  Episode Highlights 00:02:07 Common Injuries people experience 00:07:59 Avoiding shin splints injury 00:10:10 Strengthening and stretching is very necessary 00:16:53 Why  we need to condition our strength first 00:17:55 Type of injuries most middle aged men experience 00:22:29 What is patellofemoral pain syndrome 00:28:10 What causes of inflexibility 00:37:26 Things to be aware when […]

How to Train for a Triathlon As a Busy 40+ Dad and Crush It!

How to train for a triathlon

I always used to look at people that had done a triathlon with envy. I thought they were an impossible feat of endurance on a level that I could never aspire to, let alone learning how to train for a triathlon. That is, until I completed my first triathlon a few years ago and now […]