Episode 111 – Modern Day Fatherhood with Han-son from Daddilife


Episode Highlights 00:01:13 Background of the Guest 00:02:02 Things and events at Daddilife 00:07:11 Dads experiencing postpartum 00:09:02 Is Daddilife a safe space for dads? 00:11:25 Health and fitness challenges for dads 00:19:40 Different health activities at Daddilife 00:24:46 Key issues around dads and wellness 00:27:06 Top 5 tips for dads who are struggling with  […]

Episode 110 – How to Manage your Cholesterol with Dr Jonny Bowden

Jonny Bowden

Episode Highlights 00:01:10 Guest’s Background 00:04:13 What is cognitive dissonance? 00:11:58 High Cholesterol Measurement, HDL and LDL 00:20:34 Right way of testing cholesterol 00:25:08 Why are we sometimes undertreated? 00:27:28 Analyzing what diet is for you 00:27:57 What is Insulin resistance? 00:35:09 Cholesterol is essential to our body 00:38:45 Best nutritional advice Links Facebook Instagram […]