Episode 72 – The Best Diet to Lose Belly Fat with Darren Kirby

Darren kirby

  Episode Highlights 00:01:12 Importance of basic fundamental nutritional principles 00:04:17 Lose your belly fat before starting to exercise 00:06:07 Why eating good fats is important 00:08:05 Control your portion sizes 00:09:51 What is a carbohydrate 00:11:41 How important is protein for our muscles 00:13:35 Five key tips for losing belly fat     Links […]

Episode 71 – Seasonal Affective Disorder with Matt Lovell

Matt Lovell

  Episode Highlights 00:04:19 Omega 3 supports natural serotonin production 00:07:15 Drinking coffee improves mood states 00:15:56 Too much of serotonin causes serotonin sickness 00:18:45 Identifying deficiencies in nutrients 00:23:26 Laughing  releases tons of immune and mood boosting factors 00:26:07 Basic pillars of a healthy diet performance 00:28:02 Knock on effect of consuming alcohol 00:32:22 […]