“Once YOU have a REASON to lose your belly, the rest is EASY. Your kids will be PROUD of their FITTER and HEALTHIER DAD.”

In just 30 days, you too could be the fit, patient, playful dad you want to be for your kids. Isn’t that worth finding just 20 minutes in your day?

My name is Darren Kirby, I’m 46 years old and a father of two boys.

I’m not a celebrity. I’m not superhuman. I’m just a dad like you.

I’m a dad who knows what it’s like not to be able to keep up with my kids; a dad who knows the look in his boys’ eyes when he tells them no… again… because Dad’s not in the mood… as usual.

Before I had children, I was in the gym three times a week. I was eating what I wanted and burning it off.

All that changes when kids come along. But I don’t need to tell you that, do I?

You’re needed more at home, but work doesn’t get less busy, so the gym gear slides to the bottom drawer… where it stays.

Meanwhile, the fridge seems to be always in arm’s reach.

Work sucked out all my good energy. In the evenings, you couldn’t see where the sofa ended and I began.

Some weekends, all I’d done for the kids was look up from my iPad to change the TV channel.

What frightened this dad off the sofa

Then everything changed because I got scared.

My fear wasn’t so much about my future health, as about failing as a parent now.

I got tired of telling my kids no when they deserved to hear yes. It was fear that got me off the sofa.

As men and dads, we all hear horror health stats every day… A third of men are overweight or obese. Overweight men are more likely to get diabetes.

Overweight men are more likely to die from avoidable heart disease or a stroke.

Like lots of men, I tuned those stats out.

So, what really scared me enough to keep my head out of the fridge? (I expect it scares you too.)

It was what I saw when I was picking my kids up from school.

Children do what their parents do — good and bad

The children in my kids’ playground are the same as the kids in every school in the world. They come in all shapes and sizes.

What struck me one day was how those shapes and sizes matched up with the shapes and sizes of their parents.

Again and again, I saw fit-looking dads picking up healthy-looking children… and I saw the opposite.

Luckily for me, I was still picking up beautiful, fit, healthy boys. But I didn’t need to be Mystic Meg to see what was going to happen if I kept pulling my family along the path I was taking.

Seeing that obvious connection between my boys’ future and my bad choices gave me a kickstart to finally take charge of my health.

All my excuses flew out of the window when I looked at all the kids in the playground doing exactly what their parents were doing.

I decided right then and there that I wasn’t too busy to do something, even if I didn’t know what yet.

At that moment, my health stopped being about me, and it started being about my boys. It became about what my choices were doing to my family.

What the internet taught me about health and fitness

So, I rolled up my sleeves and dived into the internet.

Of course, I was quickly swamped with health and fitness advice. There was no shortage of fixes recommended by “experts” who kept fit by violently disagreeing with each other.

I also found plenty of websites making a fortune peddling scoops of bullshit with no expert backing.

I studied it all. And I took notes.

I studied exercises — and distilled the principles of fitness.

I studied nutrition — and discovered the fundamental science of eating right.

I binned everything that was too extreme for a man with a job and two small children. I didn’t need any of that, because I wasn’t looking for an Instagram body. I was looking to be a better dad.

Mark Wahlberg told Instagram he gets up at 2.30 am to fit in 90 minutes in the gym then spend an hour in his cryo chamber. Good for him.

wasn’t interested in movie stars who (say they) get up at 2.30 am to spend 90 minutes working out. I wanted to spend more time with my family, not stare at them from behind the window of my supervillain cryo chamber.

Not only was I searching for a formula that was achievable for a guy in my position… I was also searching for proof.

Busy dads don’t have spare time to waste on theories or fads from a pull-out in the Daily Mail. We need information that will work.

With a thick folder of checked and cross-checked ideas, it was time for Phase Two — human testing. (Which is to say I put my research to the test on myself.)

Believe it or not, this was me with a personal trainer helping me. Not everything that seems like the right thing to do is actually the right thing to do.

Things every dad should know about getting rid of the belly and keeping up with the kids

This is what I found out…

I found I didn’t need a gym.

I found I didn’t need a personal trainer.
(In fact, I had one for a while and it held me back.)

And I couldn’t have afforded a chef even if I’d wanted one, which didn’t matter because…

I lost 28kgs. This is how…

A motivated dad’s secrets to getting healthy when you’re too busy for B.S.

After weeks of research, checking and cross checking followed by months of trying different things on myself, here’s what I found out.

  • Unless you’re planning a mid-life bid for an Olympic gold, you don’t need edge sports science. The fundamentals of health and fitness are long established. They’re all there and ready to work for you. You just need to be able to see them through the razzle dazzle of fads pushed through the media by mega PR budgets.
  • The 80/20 rule applies to health and fitness in the same way it applies to everything else. Most of what you need starts at home. You don’t need to be paying for a monthly pass to a gym with the most “eXtreme” machines. You don’t need to go for an infrared sauna to zap at your toxins.
  • You don’t need to set an alarm to pick berries by moonlight before the dawn robs them of their antioxidants. Everything you need is down the road at the supermarket.
  • You do need structure and guidance. I spent 15 years going to the gym AND being overweight. I’d spend 10 minutes on this machine; 5 minutes on that one; 6 reps on something else. In all that time, I got nowhere. Now I know I could have had amazing results in as little as 20 minutes a day… if I’d only known what I should have been doing, instead of wandering from fearsome machine to fearsome machine.

What my kids think about their new, improved dad

You can imagine that losing 28kgs feels incredible. I’m proud of myself, my wife looks pretty happy, and, yes, the energy is back, big time.

There’s no rolling over in the morning hoping for an extra 10 minutes. The minute I wake up, I’m ready to go. I’ve got a dozen things done before anyone else in the house is even awake. I turned my fear into fuel.

But it’s with my kids where I see the greatest difference. My kids have got a new dad and they want to do what he does. They want to run, they want to go for a bike ride… and I’m a firm yes when they ask me to come, because I’ve got the energy.

(And when you have the energy, it’s amazing how you can suddenly find that time you didn’t have before.) Then there are the choices I see the boys making — mostly about what they eat. When the kids don’t see Dad permanently attached to a packet of crisps, they start making better choices for themselves. Our fruit bowl isn’t just there to impress visitors anymore.

Somebody actually asked me last year, “How do you get your kids to do all that healthy stuff?” I told him I didn’t get them to do it. They ask to do it because they see me doing it.

Telling him that was the biggest win I’ve had from the whole experience, because it summed up how I’ve achieved what I wanted most — to set my kids up for life by role modelling the right things to do.

Now, I want to help you do the same. Not with some unrealistic talk of “shredding” or a set of workouts that would make the Hulk feel fragile. I want to open up my whole playbook to you, just the facts of health and fitness — a fast track to becoming the dad you want to be.

The Busy Dad Fitness
& Weight Loss Program

The Busy Dad Fitness & Weight Loss Program is designed to be realistic for dads who are juggling work, kids, marriage and all the other stresses of modern life.

It’s practical and the bullshit is stripped right out of it, which means that it isn’t a magic pill. You are going to have to find some time to do something. You’re not going to become a dad you can be proud of by doing the same things you’re doing now but…

You are going to enjoy it and you’re going to be able to do lots of it with your kids. How’s that for a win-win?

So, what are you going to have to do?

There’s some running — nothing crazy, but running will shift serious weight and plug you into some incredible endorphins with even just a couple of short runs a week.

There’s cycling — everyone should have a bike, especially everyone with kids. Your kids will love being part of your routine because every kid should have a bike — or a seat on Dad’s.

There’s swimming — something else you can do with the kids and an incredibly under-appreciated all-round workout.

And then there’s what I think of as the dad’s secret force multiplier. You won’t believe the results you can get from adding a fourth element to the dad’s triathlon above. Wait till you discover what I’m talking about. You’ll love it.

Everything I learned to lose 28kgs in an easy-to-follow 30-day plan

Your program comes in two stages.

Two Stages

This is a lifestyle program, not just an exercise program. I’m going to share with you the fundamentals that will change your life and your attitude to exercise and health. And for the first fortnight, that’s all I want you do…
take this information in and make some better choices at home.

Sounds like a gentle enough start? Gentle but profound, I can tell you. Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Stage 1

  • The FACTS of a healthy life — no bullshit, no conflicting advice, just a simple program to follow.
  • No-faff food plans — everything you need in order to eat right can be found at the I’ll tell you what to buy — no online orders from niche health stores that want to break your credit card, just the usual weekly shop.
  • Easy meals — nothing that takes more than 20 minutes from pulling a knife out of the drawer to having the meal on the You’ll be showing your kids the difference between convenient food and convenience food. Get them to help you; cooking is a life skill we learn from our parents.
  • The incredibly popular but COMPLETELY WRONG diet fad that will hurt your results.
  • Finding more time for the kids, not less — I’ve designed the program to include so many components that will get the family out and about together, and set up more chances to be with each other.
  • The only apps you’ll (Stop procrastinating in the App Store — no app is going to make you healthy; you just need to pick a good one and use it right. I’ll tell you which ones to download and how to use them.)
  • Why geeks buy the right things in the supermarket and the rest of us don’t.
  • The personal biology that’s beyond your control and how it’s been affecting your results up to now.
  • Why time-restricted eating (TRE) is the last thing you should be thinking about.
  • The calorie restriction magic number. Spoiler alert: you are going to be eating less, but how much less? I’ve found the magic number and I’m going to tell you what it is.

Stage 2

  • How to get fit with just 20-30 minutes of the right exercise five days a week. This is, after all, a program for busy dads who just want to be better dads. If you want to work out three hours a day, call Mark Wahlberg and see if he’ll come spot you.
  • Don’t think just follow the 30 day Exercise Calendar
  • A complete workout plan that you can do at home in as little as 14 minutes, including the busy dad’s force multiplier — you’ll feel results fast.
  • The single most important skill you need to make your diet effective.
  • The simple formula that will reduce your fatigue, improve endurance and lessen (It’ll improve your mood, too.)
  • The area where you need to parent yourself.
  • How you can improve your metabolism and gut health while doing “nothing”.
  • How you can improve your cardiovascular health without getting out of bed (no, it’s not what you think, sir).
  • How to give yourself a fast reset so that you start clean and boost your success.
  • The last convenience food you’ll ever need.
  • Lastly, you’ll think it’s Christmas when I give you a delicious no-cal sugar replacement for that sweethit.

Ready to become the dad you want to be?

The program is ready for you right now. And if you order now you get a huge bonus…

Everyone who signs up in January gets a one hour personal coaching call with me. I completely get what it feels like to be starting this journey to be the dad you want to be. I’m not your drill sergeant, I’m someone who understands exactly what you’re doing and why, so I can help you to:

  1. Fine-tune the program for your circumstances.
  2. Deal with any blocks.
  3. Increase your motivation and your gains.

I know this program has the power to change your life — and your kids’ lives

— which is why I want as many dads as possible to have it in their hands.

And any doubts you might have now will soon go once you see the difference being on this program can make to you and your family.

This is a 30-day program, but I’m giving you twice as long to try it out.

If after 60 days, you don’t like the program — for ANY reason — just email me and I will give you a full and fast refund with no questions asked.

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