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Episode 7 – The Doctor’s Kitchen with Dr Rupy

Episode highlights 01:12 – Dr Rupy’s career background, his interests and why he started The Doctor’s Kitchen 05:08 – Becoming more pragmatic about what we consume 09:15 – Eat to Beat Illness and the concept of food as medicine 12:57 – The impact of poor diet choices is not always immediate 16:24 – Recognising and [...]


Episode 12 – Breathing & Breath Work with Richie Bostock

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 01:42 – How Richie ended up in the field of breath work 04:39 – Learning the Wim Hof method with The Iceman 10:13 – The key principles of breathing 15:45 – Managing stress by breathing 20:48 – Breathing protocols during physical exercise 24:10 – Why proper breathing is important after [...]


Episode 13 – Psychology & Supplementation With Charlie From Neat Nutrition

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 01:16 – Charlie is a former Team GB swimmer and a co-founder of Neat Nutrition 06:22 – What the supplements market looked like back then 09:23 – If you’re going to be consistent, it has to be something you enjoy 13:15 – The journey is as important as the destination [...]


Episode 11 – Mindset By Dave With Dave Cottrell

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 00:50 – Dave’s background 05:00 – The reason for Dave’s passion and his journey into mindset coaching 08:13 – With mindset, you address the root of negative beliefs 11:45 – People don’t want to be seen as having stress or mental health issues 15:22 – Stigma keeps people from acknowledging [...]


Episode 5 – Effortless Swimming with Brenton Ford

Episode highlights 01:06 – Brenton Ford’s backstory 03:37 – Swimming is more than just training harder 06:03 – It can be quite daunting for a number of reasons 09:04 – Tips for adults who have been a long time away from the pool 13:53 – It’s okay to suck at it the first time, or [...]


Episode 10 – The Importance Of Sleep With Lily Soutter

Episode highlights 01:16 – Lily’s personal struggle inspired her to study nutrition 06:50 – We are trying to squeeze more into our day and there’s a lot of anxiety 09:09 – What happens when you are sleep deprived? 11:43 – The correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain 15:22 – Recommended foods for breakfast 17:57 [...]


Episode 9 – DNA Testing For Health & Fitness With Angela Foster

Episode highlights 00:59 – Angela’s journey from corporate law to nutrition and health 03:17 – DNA testing helps optimize our genetic expression 06:00 – One reason why diets don’t always produce the same result 08:23 – Coaching people to understand the data 12:23 – You can’t ‘out train’ a bad diet 20:03 – Understand your [...]


Episode 8 – Mobility & Functional Movement With Henri Henell

Episode highlights 01:54 – Henri’s background 03:56 – Why people have issues with various joints 08:24 – Understanding mobility and functional movement 10:56 – The correct way to do a squat or use the plank 13:42 – Adding weights vs focusing on the form of the movement 16:29 – The number one thing in weight [...]


Episode 6 – Talking Supplements With Ben Coomber

>>Download Show Notes<< Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad podcast where you can learn how to improve your diet, lose fat, and get fitter in a sustainable and fun way without spending hours in the gym. Here is your host, Darren Kirby. Darren (0:13) This is season one, episode (six) of the Fitter Healthier Dad [...]

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