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Episode 19 – Dads Need Timelines & Deadlines with Darren Kirby

 Episode highlights 00:37 – The importance of timelines and deadlines in fitness and nutrition 03:37 – When you have nothing to measure against, it’s hard to evaluate progress  06:05 – Don’t set big goals because you’ll get overwhelmed 10:03 – What to do if you find you’re off track    Welcome to the Fitter [...]


Episode 18 – The Routine Machine with John Lamerton

Episode highlights 01:04 – John went from being a civil servant to entrepreneur, business coach and author 06:14 – How he became King of Routine  08:49 – The Chimp Paradox and the three areas of our brain  12:38 – Understanding the circadian rhythm and how it affects performance 18:58 – How to start building routines [...]


Episode 17 – The Turmeric Guy with Thomas ‘Hal’ Robson-Kanu

Episode highlights 00:55 Thomas ‘Hal’ Robson-Kanu suffered with severe injuries and pain in his teens 03:12 When Thomas was unable to play in games 06:02 A solution to the pain and inflammation 10:19 Grandfather was involved in herbal medicinal practices 13:39 Thomas discovered turmeric shots at Harrods 19:58 Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric [...]


Episode 15 – The Art Of Cycling with Tim Ramsden

Episode highlights 01:07 – In the beginning, it was pretty much about Sundays 08:04 – There’s nothing new–you can improve cycling by circuit training 10:30 – Recommendations for a busy person looking to start cycling 14:32 – Know your threshold and heart rate, and how to use them 18:00 – It will gradually get easier [...]


Episode 14 – The Medicinal Chef with Dale Pinnock

Episode highlights 01:59 – From battling acne to studying nutrition–Dale’s backstory 05:21 – He’s been cooking since he was four 11:09 – People are looking for reliable, evidence-based information 14:00 – How you treat your body can drastically influence susceptibility to illness 22:43 – All good diets have one thing in common 27:05 – What [...]


Episode 7 – The Doctor’s Kitchen with Dr Rupy

Episode highlights 01:12 – Dr Rupy’s career background, his interests and why he started The Doctor’s Kitchen 05:08 – Becoming more pragmatic about what we consume 09:15 – Eat to Beat Illness and the concept of food as medicine 12:57 – The impact of poor diet choices is not always immediate 16:24 – Recognising and [...]


Episode 12 – Breathing & Breath Work with Richie Bostock

Episode highlights 01:42 – How Richie ended up in the field of breath work 04:39 – Learning the Wim Hof method with The Iceman 10:13 – The key principles of breathing 15:45 – Managing stress by breathing 20:48 – Breathing protocols during physical exercise 24:10 – Why proper breathing is important after a HIIT session [...]


Episode 13 – Psychology & Supplementation With Charlie From Neat Nutrition

Episode highlights 01:16 – Charlie is a former Team GB swimmer and a co-founder of Neat Nutrition 06:22 – What the supplements market looked like back then 09:23 – If you’re going to be consistent, it has to be something you enjoy 13:15 – The journey is as important as the destination 16:12 – What [...]


Episode 11 – Mindset By Dave With Dave Cottrell

Episode highlights 00:50 – Dave’s background 05:00 – The reason for Dave’s passion and his journey into mindset coaching 08:13 – With mindset, you address the root of negative beliefs 11:45 – People don’t want to be seen as having stress or mental health issues 15:22 – Stigma keeps people from acknowledging a problem 19:58 [...]

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