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Episode 41 – How to be the best dad with Larry Hagner from Good Dad Project

  Episode Highlights  00:01:52 – Staying fit during this lock down period00:03:07 – Good Dad Project background00:06:12 – Unexpected side effects or benefits of the Good Dad Project 00:08:41 – Different elements that the Good Dad Project is focusing on00:12:14 – Side benefits for following the Good Dad Project methodology00:17:16 – Catalyst  of Good Dad [...]


Episode 40 – The Benefits of Nootropic Supplements For Dads With Gregory Kelly of Neurohacker Collective

  Episode highlights 0:02:42 – Greg studied nutritional and medical anthropology after a career in the Navy 0:06:15 – Why the rise of nootropics and what are its benefits? 0:11:45 – Improving the body’s brain and muscle performance in a healthy way 0:17:55 – There is science behind different nootropic compounds 0:21:27 – How to [...]


Episode 39 – Dad’s Delicious Dinners with Ian

  Episode highlights 0:02:40 – The inspiration behind Dad’s Delicious Dinners  0:06:58 – Ian and family have made adjustments for life under lockdown  0:09:04 – How has he ensured the kids get healthy snacks at school? 0:12:30 – Serving a balanced diet, serving variety, and roping in the young ones 0:18:54 – What happens when [...]


Episode 38 – Keeping FIIT Online During Covid-19 with Dan and Sammi from FIIT

  Episode highlights 0:01:24 – More people are turning to Fiit because of COVID-19 restrictions 0:05:10 – The platform is built around four laws of habit formation 0:10:06 – Different class levels and other elements of Fiit 0:14:02 – The early days: from concept to growth 0:18:19 – What to expect when you sign up [...]


Episode 37 – 26.2 Miles to Happiness with Paul Tonkinson

  Episode highlights 0:00:49 – How Paul is adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic 0:13:50 – A strong sense of community 0:18:02 – Flip things around and take advantage of the time you have 0:27:08 – The backstory to 26.2 Miles to Happiness 0:30:57 – How he trained to run the marathon in sub-3 [...]


Episode 36 – Mindful Movement for Dads with Richie Norton

  Episode highlights 0:01:40 – Richie comes from a rugby background, but his trajectory changed after an injury  0:05:31 – He went to some dark places before he was lucky to get a lifeline  0:10:52 – We all deal with stress; we just need to work on the tools we have available  0:15:19 – How [...]


Episode 35 – Insuring Success in Work and Life with Greg Scheinman

Episode highlights 0:02:48 – Greg’s background and journey from filmmaking to risk management 0:05:14 – More about Greg’s journey as he speaks of personal loss and adversity 0:11:32 – Why he made another pivot in his 40s 0:14:40 – How do you define success? 0:18:44 – Insuring Success and achieving success in health 0:24:35 – [...]


Episode 33- Why Can’t I Lose the Belly Even Though I Exercise

Episode highlights 0:01:00 – Metabolism slows down as we get older 0:02:00 – Check your balance of macronutrients and your sleep 0:03:53 – Low testosterone levels 0:05:21 – Why the GI of your carbohydrates matters 0:06:18 – The effect of dehydration 0:07:08 – How many calories should you eat? Links Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad [...]


Episode 34- Mindset and Motivation for Dads with Jason Graystone

Episode highlights 0:01:41 – Growing up on a council estate, Jason observed the impact of negative mindsets 0:05:00 – At 13, he had a significant mind shift and discovered leverage 0:08:20 – Parallels between a wealth building mindset and health & fitness 0:12:15 – Taming the animal brain 0:17:29 – Are you spending your time [...]

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