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Episode 72 – The Best Diet to Lose Belly Fat with Darren Kirby

  Episode Highlights 00:01:12 Importance of basic fundamental nutritional principles 00:04:17 Lose your belly fat before starting to exercise 00:06:07 Why eating good fats is important 00:08:05 Control your portion sizes 00:09:51 What is a carbohydrate 00:11:41 How important is protein for our muscles 00:13:35 Five key tips for losing belly fat   Links Facebook [...]


Episode 71 – Seasonal Affective Disorder with Matt Lovell

  Episode Highlights 00:04:19 Omega 3 supports natural serotonin production 00:07:15 Drinking coffee improves mood states 00:15:56 Too much of serotonin causes serotonin sickness 00:18:45 Identifying deficiencies in nutrients 00:23:26 Laughing  releases tons of immune and mood boosting factors 00:26:07 Basic pillars of a healthy diet performance 00:28:02 Knock on effect of consuming alcohol 00:32:22 [...]


Episode 70 – Healthy Coffee? With Alex Higham and Alex Manos from Exhale Coffee

  Episode Highlights 00:01:48 Background of the guest 00:10:36 Why coffee is bad reputation in the first place 00:15:01 Polyphenols on the health benefits around coffee 00:18:49 How much amount of coffee should a person drink 00:24:35 What is special about Exhale Coffee 00:28:51 Specialty coffee beans 00:31:00 Benefits of having coffee everyday 00:32:30 Why [...]


Episode 69 – Eat Your Way To A Healthy Gut With Professor Tim Spector OBE

  Episode Highlights   00:03:40 How  effective a vaccine is  going to be 00:05:34 Background of the Guest 00:08:29 Effects of getting our gut microbiome healthy 00:12:37 Basic principles around diet and nutrition 00:18:57 Food Industry changing our way of eating 00:22:15 Connection of our diet to massive health problems 00:35:30 Does the body adapt [...]


Episode 68 – Losing 100lb and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Former MP Tom Watson

  Episode Highlights 00:01:46 Guest background 00:03:57 Motivation to Change Lifestyle 00:08:26 UK Diabetes Treatment 00:10:19 Implementing Changes 00:13:11 Fitting the Time 00:16:35 Cutting Off  the Cravings 00:23:49 Avoiding the Tempting Cravings 00:26:11 More Clarity in Mind 0:29:30 Finding the Right Diet 00:34:17 More Alertness 00:36:37 Step by Step 00:41:57 Downsizing 00:47:35 Something to Look [...]


Episode 67 – It’s not Motivation you need with Darren Kirby

  Episode Highlights 00:00:14 What is Motivation? 00:05:19 Why is it not Motivation we need? 00:07:23 Taking action 00:10:40 Consistency is the Key 00:12:44 Connect with Darren   Links Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave a review on iTunes   Transcript Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast, where you can learn [...]


Episode 66 – Healthy Water For Dads With Mark Kent From Osmio Water

  Episode Highlights 00:00:48 Introductions 00:02:49 Guest Background 00:04:38 In-depth on Processing Water 00:12:00 Filtering Water 00:16:16 Impact of the Quality of Water 00:21:43 Negative Effects of Consuming  Non-Purified Water 00:27:20 What’s Being Done to Raise Awareness about Water Treatment 00:30:39 Is Bottled Water Actually Good? 00:37:31 Levels of Osmio Products 00:50:10 Recommending Osmio for [...]


Episode 65 – How To Get Younger As You Get Older With Dave Asprey from Bulletproof

    Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Guest Introductions 00:04:12 A Brief Background 00:08:57 How It All Started For BulletProof 00:12:38 Bio-Hacking 00:17:52 Optimizing Everything with Biohacking 00:19:43 In Depth on What Works 00:31:30 Cholesterol 00:37:03 Age Doesn’t Matter 00:45:20 Anti Aging Technologies Soon 00:47:59 Evolution 00:54:00 5 key things from Dave 01:01:57 Connect with Dave   [...]


Episode 64 – Red Light Therapy for Dads with Red Light Rising

Episode Highlights 00:02:52 Background of Redlight Rising 00:09:26 The importance of proper diet 00:11:50 How Redlight therapy changes your mood. 00:13:24 Biological impact of lights to human beings and all animals. 00:16:55 Difference between Redlight light and sunlight 00:21:31 Best time for Redlight therapy 00:27:05 Benefits of Redlight therapy for muscle recovery 00:30:27 How this [...]

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