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Episode 50 – Dads Diabetes Risk with Dr Mazn Raouf

Episode highlights 00:01:54 Guest Background 00:07:16 Importance of Healthy Balanced lifestyle 00:08:24 6 Key Areas for Healthy Balanced Lifestyle 00:28:01 Kinds of carbohydrates, sugar, fiber and starch 00:31:57 Packed foods 00:41:38 Factors about type two diabetes 00:52:51 About A1C 00:55:41 Effectiveness of Lifestyle Medicine 00:59:17 Tips and Take Aways from Dr. Mazn Links Visit the [...]


Episode 49- Dads Are You Being Honest?

Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Introduction 00:00:52 About The Video “Are You Being Honest?” 00:03:27 Being On A Milestone 00:05:10 Tips and Advice to Lose Weight 00:06:41 Track Your Diet00:08:27 Subtle Issues 00:09:58 Benefits of Being Fitter and Healthier 00:13:24 Reflective Perspective 00:14:34 The 14 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Program 00:16:08 The Value of Consistency Creates Great [...]


Episode 48 – Smooth Swimming for Dads with Paul Newsome

Episode Highlights 00:06:30 Guess Background 00:17:44 Triathlon on 94 00:23:15 Advice for people who are going back on swimming 00:34:15 Dry land training on swim smooth 00:38:59 A good structure training for the listeners 00:50:05 Insights on covid comeback program 00:55:10 Benefits of swimming to cycling and running and vice versa. 01:00:01 5 key actions [...]


Episode 47 – Home Fitness Equipments for Dads with Laurence White

Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Bit of Background on Laurence 00:01:15 Personal and business point of view on the current situation 00:05:22 Laurence’s innovative new product 00:09:50 Understanding more about Lawrence’s new innovative training product 00:12:12 Perks of Laurence’s new training product 00:14:09 Evolving home workouts 00:19:34 Strength and conditioning 00:29:02 Benefit of the recovery pump 00:34:58 [...]


Episode 46 – The Art of Fatherhood With Art Eddy

Episode highlights 00:01:43 Guest Background 00:06:55 how it started 00:18:04 The importance of venting yourself into something 00:24:21 Why open line of communication is important 00:28:12 Benefits of the Internet 00:29:44 The key message and the reason why the book life of dad was created 00:48:27 The five biggest challenges that facing fathers in modern [...]


Episode 45 – Plant Based Fuel for Dads with Cory Warren

Episode highlights 00:01:18 Thoughts on current global issue 00:05:32 Cory’s backstory 00:09:54 Lifestyle change 00:17:18 Three phases of plant based diet 00:22:29 Benefits of plant based diet on kids 00:29:44 Thoughts on meat nutritions versus plant based diet 00:40:41 Five key actions Links Facebook Instagram Pinterest Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave [...]


Episode 44 – Nasal Breathing to Improve Dads Health with Patrick McKeown

Episode highlights 00:01:38 Guest background00:05:30 How it all started00:09:35 Impact of stress in quality of life00:13:58 Determining functional/dysfunctional breathing pattern00:16:01 Improving breath patterns00:23:40 How breathing affects sleep00:28:11 Correlation of good breathing with nutrition00:34:24 Dealing with stress through breathing00:37:16 Nose versus Mouth breathing00:41:23 Benefits of nasal breathing00:42:50 On point stress reliever00:48:04 Optimum breathing for humans00:53:27 Benefits [...]


Episode 43 – Building Strong and Injury Free Dads with Adam Willis

  Episode highlights 00:03:25 Process of Creating a System00:08:32 Taking everything step by step00:12:32 Key of Progress00:18:29 Advice on individuals  who wants to be fit again00:24:49 Progress faster with a good coach00:29:07 Assessing  clients to get 100% progress00:42:50 Great take aways00:49:03 Simple versus Easy Links Podcast Instagram Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or [...]


Episode 42 – Burnt Out Online Business Owner to Revitalised Dad with James Eager

  Episode Highlights 00:02:17 How is it like for busy dads having a toddler.00:03:51 Brief background about the guest.00:05:24 Coping up with being burnt out00:13:33 Changing routines for the better00:21:09 Importance of macro nutrients and  hydration00:23:00 Getting into exercise00:25:57 Importance of quality sleep00:33:12 Always good to be adaptable00:39:06 Dealing and adapting with changes00:41:17 Jame’s next [...]

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