Motivation to Workout. People who hit the gym for the first time in a while often get disappointed in themselves. That’s because they’re expecting to see progress in an instant.


But we all know it’s not like that.


You’ll notice that you will lose weight and gain it back, again and again. And that’s normal.


There’s no easy way to stay fit. The truth is, it can take weeks for your body to adapt to your workout routine. And then it’ll take months for the change to show.


At this point, you’ll probably think that it’s easier to give up than to continue hitting the gym. But don’t lose hope. The journey may be slow, but all the sweat will be worth it in the end.

Here are 9 ways on how you can get and stay motivated to workout.


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#1 Motivation to Workout: Rethink Your Past Workouts


Try to recall your attempts at exercising or your past workout routines. Think about what made you quit then. There may have been one, or many reasons.


Maybe you had a dietary plan that was too strict or hard to follow. Did it deprive you of your favorite foods?


Or maybe your workout involved you doing a lot of routines, making you too tired sore.sign saying, Wake up, Kick ass, Repeat


You might’ve been busier before. You didn’t really have enough time to hit the gym, so you tried to fit in an hour or two into your already packed schedule.


List all of those down and figure out a workaround. Change things bit by bit until you find what really works for you.


#2 Motivation to Workout: Write Down Realistic Goals


It’s easy to lose interest if you have no plans or a clear goal. This goes with everything that you do, especially in working out.


You see, it doesn’t have to be a BIG goal. There are a lot of things you can set your mind to. Maybe you want to fit into your old favorite pair of jeans again. Or you want your body to be ready for your next summer trip to the beach.


Whatever it is, write it down in big letters and read it every day. Track your day by writing down everything you did in the gym and all the food you ate. Keep it visible, perhaps in the kitchen, where you might be tempted to snack.


By doing this, you can literally see what you’re striving to achieve. You can also observe what you did right and wrong and consider what might be missing or what could be improved.


#3 Motivation to Workout: Invest in Some Workout Gear


Another way to stay motivated to work out is to buy some workout gear.


Go to the mall or shop online and purchase the basics: jump rope, resistance band, dumbbell, kettlebell, and a yoga mat. If you have more money left, you might even buy yourself a treadmill or stationary bike.


Just make sure the ones that you’re buying are comfortable for you to use.


You can make buying each piece a reward for a challenge. After a week or a month of regular workout sessions, you can add another piece of equipment to your stash. 


Having equipment at home will make you want to try them out; they’re another visible reminder of your goal, and since you spent the money, you won’t let it go to waste. It  also makes it easier to work out when your schedule’s too packed to visit the gym or when the weather doesn’t permit you to go out.


#4 Motivation to Workout: Wear Proper Workout Clothes


Gyms don’t really have a strict dress code. But your workout sessions require you to wear comfortable clothes.


For the top, a singlet or a simple shirt is your best choice.


For your bottoms, most usually go for shorts. Choose a pair that sits just above your knees for comfort. If you’re not comfortable with just shorts, use compression bottoms underneath.


Having the right pair of shoes is also essential. Wearing the wrong ones will put you at risk of injuries like ankle sprain.clothes on a clothes rail


Buying a gilet vest and windbreaker is optional, but they’re great for the colder months.


Wearing the right outfit for your exercise routine, one which allows your body move freely and stay comfortable, , can give you that boost of unexplainable energy and motivation to do your routine.


#5 Motivation to Workout: Meditate At Least Once a Day


When I mention the words “working out,” what pops into your mind first?


Most people would think of lifting weights, running on the treadmill, or riding those stationary bikes.


But it’s not all about the physical aspect. Exercising your mind is also a workout.


Yoga, meditation, and other mental exercises can increase your stamina and focus, so you’re better equipped to

 counter negative and impulsive thoughts and keep your mind on the task at hand.


Aside from those benefits, yoga and meditation can also balance a hardcore exercise routine with moments of full, restful relaxation. 


#6 Motivation to Workout: Make the Perfect Workout Playlist


Listening to music you enjoy can make it easier to stay motivated while doing your workout routine. 

 The right song can hype you up, get you off the couch, and start to move. The right jam can keep you going and take you to the end. 


In fact, it’s actually science: Studies suggest that listening to music helps reduce the fatigue you’re feeling during exercise. It can increase your attention span and improve your body’s motor function and coordination.


#7 Motivation to Workout: Change Your Workout Routine Up a Bit


Making exercise a habit is a challenge, in itself. BUT, doing the same routine over and over again can also become boring, and if you get bored, you may be tempted to quit (not again, please).


Changing your routine up a bit can increase your motivation and make you interested in exercising more.


In fact, who even said exercise = gym? Exercising can, of course, include other physical activities that you enjoy doing.


Hit the trail. Go out and go on that hiking trip you’ve been planning for a while now. Or maybe you’re into dancing; indeed, there may be studios near you that offer classes. If not, lessons are available online. Invite your partner to learn with you, or try a TikTok challenge or dance-themed video game with your kids.


Perhaps you like playing sports. Go ahead and invite your friends and family to a badminton, basketball, or volleyball match.


Your routine in the gym might be too focused on specific group muscles. But these activities will make you move your entire body in a more fun and enjoyable way.


#8 Motivation to Workout: Spice It Up With a Bit of Friendly Competition


If you’re not really fond of going to the gym alone, you can invite a friend to come with you. Now, just make sure they’re interested, okay?


A bit of a short idea? This is actually a science as well.


One study shows that when one runs an extra 10 minutes on average, their friend runs an additional 3. This suggests that if you see your friend having more minutes on the mill, the more you’ll be motivated to add some to yours.


A little friendly competition like that can ignite that boosting power in your mind.


#9 Motivation to Workout: Reward Yourself


It’s always easy to get and stay motivated with any task if there’s a reward waiting in the end. Plus, you deserve to spoil yourself a little, especially with all the hard work you’re putting into staying fit.


The rewards can be as simple as a well-deserved night of binge-watching your favorite shows or shopping online.neon sign saying work harder


A trip to the spa can also be an option. You won’t just be relieving the stress on your body, but also on your mind. A massage session can be what you need after all those 9 to 5s and workout routines.


Remember to stay optimistic. Having positive thoughts can do wonders for increasing your motivation to work out. Look at exercise as a fun activity and not as a punishment to your body.



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