Losing weight for men after 40 is never easy, but it is pretty simple. There are loads of ways to shed those unwanted pounds — and improve your lifestyle too. If you’ve tried countless fad diets and grueling exercise programmes without any long-term weight loss, you’ll be relieved to know that losing weight after 40 doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be good to go.

#1 Losing Weight for Men – Eat a varied, balanced diet

healthy fruit salad in a bowl

Many people assume that losing weight means giving up your favourite foods and living on bland salads or overpriced diet foods. In reality, you don’t need to make such dramatic changes at all. You’ll find it much easier to stick to a healthy diet if you allow yourself to enjoy your usual foods. Just exercise a little moderation.

Get creative with tasty substitutions and focus on quality nutrition. Pile your plate with healthy roasted vegetables instead of fried potatoes or processed sides. Instead of a rich dessert, choose a fresh fruit salad with a small scoop of ice-cream or a splash of single cream.

Variety is the key here. You’ll struggle less with your new eating patterns if you have something different to look forward to every day. Meal planning and preparing food ahead of time will make it much easier to stick to your healthy eating goals, by removing the likelihood that you’ll find yourself reaching for snacks or takeaway food.

If you’re looking to shed fast fat you should check out the keto diet.


#2 Losing Weight for Men – Exercise every day

Fitness GuideYou’ve probably heard the phrase “do regular moderate exercise” so many times that you could quote it in your sleep. What does “regular moderate exercise” mean, though?

When many people hear the word exercise, they immediately think of expensive gym subscriptions and demanding workout routines. Regular exercise, however, doesn’t require a gym membership or any major investment of time or energy.

By moderate exercise, experts typically mean walking briskly, swimming laps, dancing, or cycling. Simply taking a half-hour walk five times a week would meet your exercise requirements. Don’t try to do too much at first. Just add a little extra physical exertion to your daily routine.

Walk to work one day a week, stop off at the swimming pool at the weekend or cycle round the local park now and again. You’ll get the best results if you engage in a variety of activities.


#3 Losing Weight for Men – Increase muscle to speed up fat loss after 40

The more exercise you do, the faster you’ll reach your weight loss goals.

It’s not simply a matter of calories in versus calories out, although burning through all that additional energy will certainly help. Exercise also boosts your metabolism and encourages your body to burn stored fat for fuel.

The more exercise you undertake, the more muscle you’ll gain. In the race to lose weight fast men have a few advantages, and extra muscle mass is one of them. Muscle burns more energy at rest than fat does, which means that it’s easier for a muscular person to lose weight and keep it off.


#4 Losing Weight for Men – Get plenty of rest

Most people nowadays don’t get as much sleep as they really need. The average adult requires between seven and nine hours of sleep per night to be at peak performance, yet many of us get six hours or less. Poor sleep quality is tied to weight problems, both as a consequence and a cause.

First, sleeping poorly means you have less energy to enjoy the healthy physical activity you need. If you’re dragging around all day feeling exhausted, you’re probably not going to feel like that brisk walk round the block or a lunchtime visit to the gym. Your diet will probably be affected too, as you consume sugary sodas or high-fat snacks in order to stay alert.

Sleep deprivation also has more subtle effects, changing your hormone balance so that your metabolism slows and your body retains fat. Because you need quality sleep to regenerate your body’s tissues, poor sleep will also make it harder to benefit from your exercise regime.


#5 Losing Weight for Men – ┬áSleep?

One condition that’s associated both with being overweight and suffering from poor sleep quality is sleep apnea. This condition means that you stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night.

It can be caused in part by excessive weight, as this tends to block the airway when the muscles of your throat are relaxed. If you snore a great deal, wake up repeatedly during the night or generally feel unrested in the morning, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor and find out if you need treatment for sleep apnea.

Among people looking to lose weight fast men should be particularly vigilant here, as sleep apnea is more common among men than women.


#6 Losing Weight for Men – Cut down on alcohol

bottles of alcohol stacked on a shelf

Many people find they lose weight very rapidly when they start to monitor their drinking. You don’t have to give up your favourite tipple but if you regularly drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week, it could be hampering your efforts to lose weight.

1 beer = 1 McDonald’s hamburger

Alcohol itself can lead to weight gain by making you more lethargic, disrupting your liver function and endocrine system, and impairing your judgement. It’s also worth noting that many popular drinks are very high in calories. A pint of beer, for instance, could have 200 or 300 calories.

Try to save drinking for the weekends, and opt for drinks that aren’t so caloric. Dry white wines and clear spirits with slimline mixers are lower in calories.


#7 Losing Weight for Men – Stop smoking

Many people take up smoking in an effort to curb their appetites, misguidedly believing that tobacco will help them lose weight. In fact, the opposite is true. Smoking tends to lead to weight gain, as well as impairing your health in a range of other ways. It can be tough to give up smoking and some people do find that they initially gain weight, this will usually disappear once they’ve been tobacco free for a while.

It’s true that nicotine is a stimulant and can provide a brief appetite-suppressing effect. This does not translate into weight control, however. Tobacco affects your circulatory system and lungs, making you less able to exercise and slowing your metabolism. In the end, smoking can only lead to weight gain.

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