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Here are some of our FREE Meals and Workouts for you to get started.

FREE 4 Step Fat Loss Guide

4 Simple steps you can start with today without any exercise

Who Is This For?
  • Dad's who a tired of carrying excess weight
  • Dad's who currently don't exercise
  • Dad's who want easy and simple actionable information
Inside You’ll Discover..
  • Losing Fat/Weight is Simple
  • How Sleep is Key to Fat Loss
  • These 4 basic steps will have you losing Fat/Weight before even exercising

FREE One Page 12 minutes HIIT Workshop

Fully body interval training workout, which can be done ANYWHERE

Who Is This For?
  • Dad's without a Gym Membership
  • Dad's who are time poor
  • Dad's who want to get fit without spending hours in a gym
Inside You’ll Discover..
  • Simple Fully Body exercisies
  • Full illustrations of each exercise
  • Step by Step explanations of what to do

FREE 5 Day Food and Fitness Challenge

Kick Start Your Road to being Fitter & Healthier

Who Is This For?
  • You want motivation to get on track with eating and exercising right
  • Help and Support from a Dad who has been there an done it, losing 28kg
  • Dad's who want RESULTS and to Look Better, Feel Better and have more Energy
Inside You’ll Discover..
  • Daily 15 Minute workouts you can do at home
  • Food strategies which will have you losing fat/weight (its really not complicated)
  • How Simple and Easy it can be to get RESULTS
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