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Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast, where you can learn how to improve your diet, lose fat and get fitter in a sustainable and fun way without spending hours in the gym here is your host Darren Kirby.

Darren: Welcome back to the podcast, guys. This is the number one podcast for dads in their 40s who want to improve their health and fitness. This is Episode 75, and I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas at the time of listening to this. At least it will be Christmas Day. Yes, I will still launch a podcast on Christmas Day so that you can have my dose of tones in your ear over Christmas. And I hope you have a fantastic day with your family, obviously at the time and recording this in the UK. Unfortunately, a lot of areas are in T3 and therefore we’re perhaps not able to mix with friends and family like we have done in the past. But I think today’s an important day to kind of reflect and be grateful for what you can do today and who you can spend it with today. You know, we often take for granted people that we can spend quality time with.

So, yeah. So obviously, Christmas Day, if you listen to this before your Christmas dinner, then hopefully you’ve done maybe a little HIIT workout today or even you know what you might have decided. I’m just going to take today off, which is completely cool. And our bodies get as much value from rest days as they do kind of working out to rest, recover, replenish all of those muscles. And obviously today is going to be a day of complete indulgence. I most definitely will be indulging and probably sitting on the sofa at around about 4pm, feeling completely stuffed and. Banging on, banging into the celebration chocolates as well, not only completely stuff, but I think, again, you know, we work hard on our health and fitness all year and there’s no harm in actually indulging in things that we love when we celebrate with family and indeed friends over the Christmas period.

But my top tip for today, though, guys, really is once we have had our massive, great big Christmas dinner or indeed after our big maybe Christmas morning brunch or breakfast that we would have, just take yourself off outside for a walk. And there’s a whole host of benefits that you can get from doing that. Obviously, the first one being that you’re outside in the fresh air to make sure you’re breathing in that nice, fresh air, you’re filling up your lungs and you’re expecting an hour. And that just goes to kind of, you know, wake up the body, get as vitalized and get as time for the day. And obviously, equally, if you’ve done that after your Christmas Day dinner, saying the same thing applies and then you go out for a long walk, you know, getting the body moving, getting the joints moving, you know, particularly off your main Christmas dinner. 

You know, science has proven that it stabilizes our blood sugar by walking instead of just sitting in the chair once you’ve had your Christmas dinner. Now, look, I know we are all human. We may have had a few drinks. We’ve had a massive, really tasty Christmas dinner. And if the weather’s rubbish, the last thing you want to do is put your coat on and get outside. But I really, really encourage you to do that, because even if you only go out for five, 10 minutes, you definitely will get the glow in your cheeks and you’ll feel a bit revitalized from a health perspective.

We stabilize that blood sugar so we don’t get a big spike in insulin, which also turns off the fat burning process in the body. So it’s a little bit of Christmas Day science for you there. Yes. You just just go outside and have a walk, and yet you’ll feel much better for it when you come back. But like I said, you know, don’t beat yourself up today. There’re so many people that I listen to and they say, oh, you know, I write on Christmas Day about eating too much. Just accept it is what it is. It’s kind of part and parcel of the celebration of Christmas. And and, yeah, we tend to kind of have all these bigger than our bellies, but it is what it is and it’s fine and it’s not going to completely set you back. I think tomorrow, Boxing Day, if you listen to this in a part of the world where you celebrate Boxing Day, is an opportunity to kind of, you know, maybe do a little bit of a workout or maybe even go on that long walk, maybe go for a little gentle run or a massive run and just wipe that body out, really just get your serotonin levels up and get your dopamine up and all those kind of good happy chemicals that are in the body. But today, Christmas Day is a day for resting, celebrating with the family.

So, yeah. So I hope you have a great day as a quick podcast today. You guys really just wish you all a very merry Christmas. I’m really just saying thank you. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for supporting Fitter Healthier Dad and the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast community. My goal is still the same is to reach a million dads, to help a million dads transform their health and fitness through the methodologies that I’ve developed over the last eight years. And with that being said towards from now to the end of the year, you know, I’ve got a discount. Seventy five percent discount off of the main 90/10 transformation program. If you use the code FHD75 on check out, that takes it down to about twenty four pounds, something like that. And say go and grab yourself that if you want to get cracking on Boxing Day. 

And then I’ve also got a meal guide. If you’re not that advanced yet to do the complete transformation program. I’ve got a meal guide. So if you go over to guide.fitterhealthierdad.com  you can pick that up for twenty seven quid. That’s also a nice cheap one and that’s a fourteen day meal plan that you can use and maybe kick start after Christmas Day. But I’ll leave it with you guys. And like I said sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the support that you’ve given us throughout the year and enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day. And I look forward to catching up with you again soon.

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