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Extreme Weight Loss for Men – 5 Benefits of Swimming for FAT Loss

Most people don’t think of swimming can promote extreme weight loss and fat burning, let alone come together in the same sentence. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use swimming for weight loss.

It takes more effort to swim a mile than it does to run a mile and swimming is far less stressful on the body, the next time the kids are having their swimming lessons jump instead of watching on the side lines jump in and have a swim.

The recommended level of exercise is 150 mins a week, why not use swimming instead of hitting the weights or running

To use swimming for weight loss try to find 30 mins every other day and use this together with our 45 min workout plan

Should you need extra support try our NO GYM Guide which contains the as full interval swim workout, 4 week program and swimming techniques

The 5 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has been part of my routine for the last 6 years and when I first started I could barely swim on length of a 20 metre pool, but staying consistent over time I can now happily swim over 3km

Whole Body Workout for Weight Loss

Swimming works all the muscles in your body. It takes every muscle to keep you moving through the water while breathing properly, in particular, your core muscles. Working these muscles, with the resistance of the water, you will tone your muscles, build your strength, and even improve endurance. You’ll also be increasing your heart rate, without the risk of injury that is associated with impact exercises like running.

Do it with the Kidsextreme weight loss

It can be difficult to fit exercise into your busy week when you have work, a family and children that want to play. However, swimming is the perfect activity to do as a family and beneficial for everyone. You’ll be teaching your child to be active from a young age. An kids learn by example.

There are local pools in most town’s and cities you should be able to join your local pool for a reasonable rate with a family pass making swimming an enjoyable and affordable way to lose weight.

Low Impact

Swimming is a low impact exercise and less stressful on the body but gives you that all round workout. Swimming can also help you recover from injuries and is good for all round mobility

Extreme Weight Loss

Swimming is an effective way to burn calories. An hour swimming will burn nearly as many calories as an hour running, without the injury risk. The exact number of calories you’ll burn will depend on your current weight and the speed you swim at. The average man will burn approximately 446 calories in an hour.

Interval Training Swimming

As I’ve mentioned in one of our video’s you can also use interval training when swimming, rather that just jumping in and swimming length after length which will send you crazy just going up and down for an hour introduce swimming sets

For example, try this pyramid set

Warm Up – x1 100m distance (in a 25 metre pool that 4 lengths)

Rest 30 seconds

Main Set – x1 100m Rest for 30 seconds

x1 200m Rest for 30 seconds

x1 300m Rest for 30 seconds

x1 400m Rest for 30 seconds

Cool Down – x1 100m

This will elevate your heart rate, having a brief recovery and then going again but a different distance will get your metbolosium in a fat burning state not just during the exercise but also after you have finished.

Get Support from the FHD Community

For more details and a structured 4 week plan purchase our NO GYM Guide and join our facebook community, get support from men and dad’s like you and use swimming as your new and simple way to burn fat and get much fitter for you and your family

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