Forty is a dreaded age for most people, especially for fathers. By the time they reach 40, most of them are emerging from the midlife crisis that started at the age of 35. At this time, men are feeling the pressure owing to the fact that years are fast passing by and there might be specific goals that they have not yet met. At the same time, the waistline is usually bigger, with the shirts bursting on their buttons after a long time acting on family and personal goals at the expense of their health.

A combination of all these factors makes them the least happy people in the universe. The lack of happiness often leads to a slowdown in reaching their goals, a rise in lifestyle diseases and general poor quality of life. If you are 40+, regular exercise coupled with an active lifestyle and effective dietary plans designed for men can make you happier. This article looks at exactly why exercise makes you happier as you age.


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12 Ways Exercise Makes You Happier

Reduced Stress

An activity as simple as taking a walk outdoors is said to help clear your mind after a stressful day. When you think of the same thing for long, there is a likelihood that your mind will be saturated and you will be stressed up. Besides, our daily worries, unfulfilled desires, frustrations and heartbreaks, among other things, are major course of stress among fathers over 40.

However, by working out, you create a distraction in your mind that breaks the deep thinking. A few minutes into the exercise, you will feel relaxed and fresh. If you make exercising a regular activity, you are able to keep refreshing your mind. With each refreshing experience, you feel energised and happy. It also helps you get new insights to solve your problem.


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It Promotes the Release of ‘Feel Good’ Hormones

There is a chemical released in the brain called dopamine. Also referred to as happy chemical, dopamine is a transmitter that helps bring up the feelings of happiness and pleasure. Therefore, if you want to remain happy for a long period, you need to find a way to activate the production of the chemical. Unfortunately, according to scientists, as we age, we tend to produce less and less dopamine. This is why we need to seek experiences that help in the release of dopamine regularly.

One of the safest and best ways to increase the production of dopamine is exercising. In fact, HIIT workouts for men are said to some of the leading activities in the production of dopamine. Essentially, you will be hitting two birds with the same stone, keeping your body healthy and your mind in high spirits. Exercise more and lead a happier life.


Exercise Re-energises Your Body and Mind

Fatigue is one of the things that most fathers over 40 have to contend with. Most of them wake up early and spend the day undertaking various activities. This drains both the mental and body energy such that they want just to get home and rest. If you have a repeated cycle of overworking, you end up being fatigued and unhappy for days on end.

One way you can re-energise your mind and body is by doing regular exercise. Exercise increases energy levels and metabolism, which helps remain rejuvenated all the time. Happiness is related to energy levels. You are always full of energy when happy and vice versa. Besides, you get the energy to do the things you love doing in your free time.


It is the Best Way to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety comes about when you are unsure of the outcome of the event or decision you have made. Most fathers over 40 are constantly reviewing decisions, making new ones and being called to advise on various issues at home, workplace, or in business. Anxiety can lead to stress, restlessness and lack of energy. In most cases, the mind is usually on an overdrive, which also leads to mental fatigue.

According to Daniel Landers from Arizona State University, exercise has better results against anxiety than music therapy, relaxation and anxiety education. If you are prone to bouts of anxiety workout before taking any other remedies to deal with your condition. You will experience a rapid reduction of the feeling, a relaxed mind, ability to organise your thoughts and true happiness.


Exercise Beats Depression

It is estimated that one out of ten adults over the age of 35 suffers from some form of depression. Unfortunately, many of the cases go undiagnosed and only come to light when it has taken a toll on the patient. As said earlier, fathers above 40 are more likely to get depressed than younger adults due to pressures they are facing in the family, personal life, or trying to beat the clock.

However, before you get a prescription to beat the condition, try exercising. Studies have shown that exercising mimics the effect of antidepressant medication on the mind. Do not wait until you are too low and do not see the value of your life to get started with exercise.

Regular exercises amid a crisis keep you sane, focused and helps deal with the feeling of hopelessness associated with depression.


Helps Boost Your Confidence

Happiness is a product of various things. They include high self-esteem, self-love and feeling independent. Self-esteem is partly influenced by how you feel others view you. Fathers who look unhealthy and inadequate in front of others have low self-esteem. In such situations, it is hard to be happy as you are always looking for ways to cover your inadequacies.

You can take care of your looks by working out and picking the right diet plans for men. This way, you will deal with the large waistline, look younger and feel better with yourself. From here, you can pursue those goals that you have not achieved until now. When you are confident and happy about yourself, you attract positive energy and hit your goals much faster than when timid.


It Builds Your Mental Resilience

Exercise is about pushing your body past the natural limits that you may have put on yourself. When you do this, you also get mentally stronger and better at dealing with tough issues. Mental resilience is additive. You will find you are thrilled about reaching your next goal. Mentally tough fathers are always energetic and ooze with the allure of happiness and positivity. Besides, they can handle hiccups and deep problems that they face at this age bracket. Therefore, they are less likely to face such conditions, such as anxiety or depression. Besides, you will find that with the mental resilience, you will be able to meet some of the goals that you had given up on a while back.


Exercising Helps Boost Your Immunity

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Exercise indeed helps enhance your ability to fight infections and by extension, keep you healthy and happy. When you workout, you flush any bacteria that are nested on your airways. This reduces the chances of getting a cold or flu. According to the US National Library of Medicine, exercise increases your heart rate and enables the blood to circulate in your body more efficiently. Therefore, white blood are able to circulate better in the body. This enables them to detect diseases faster than they would have had you not exercised.

In the course of exercising, you raise your body temperature which may prevent some bacteria growing in the body. The rise in temperature may also help the cell fight an existing infection. Finally, exercise helps slow down the release of the stress hormone and the related effects of stress. With better immunity, you will have a few instances of ailments, which are likely to make you weak and dampen your mood.


Exercise Adds Some Life in your Life

Life is not all about chasing money. There are relationships, desires and passions waiting to be explored. Unfortunately, most fathers above 40 are always on the run to reach the goals that they have not reached by now. This is sometimes counterproductive, as it tends to cause them to lead unfulfilled, unhappy life that is also monotonous.

Exercise is one way to get some life back to your life. It takes away from those business deals, uncompleted office work and sales targets to the world around you at the moment. You get to realise the beauty around you (especially if exercising outdoors) and its people. You can create relationships with your workout partners and everyone else outside your business circle. This beauty brings a sense of belonging, accomplishment and joy to the fathers.


Better Sleep

A good number of middle-aged adults have problems catching sleep or experience poor quality sleep. This affects the next day, as the body has not rested well. Most of the insomniacs are always anxious, irritable and find it hard to maintain a line of thought. It also affects their relationships and their general satisfaction with the quality of their lives.

According to a study by scientists stationed at Northwestern University, aerobic exercise was found to greatly improve the sleep patterns for many middle-aged and elderly participants. They also found that exercise improved the quality of sleep for most the participants who could not sleep the entire night. Regular HIIT workouts for men coupled with good eating habits, can help you get quality sleep and wake up fresh ready to experience the new day.


Age Gracefully

Exercise helps maintain your body in good health even as you age. During middle ages, our bodies slow down their metabolism and start depositing fat in various parts of the body. This may pose a health risk. However, with regular exercise, you are able to maintain your metabolism and lean body. You grow old healthy and happy free from many lifestyle diseases.

Studies have also shown that exercise can delay the onset of certain conditions that may have been your body, thereby allowing you to enjoy a longer, happier life. Even in cases where you suffer from lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, exercise can help deal with symptoms and the progression of the condition.



What Exercises Are Best to Boost Happiness?

All physical activity is beneficial to your body. However, not all exercises give you the same benefit. Depending on your health, you may need to put more effort into one or many types of exercise. Studies have also shown that aerobic exercises tend to have better positive effects on your mood and the rest. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

High intensity interval training is one form of exercises that most middle-aged fathers can use as it includes a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises in alternative intervals. This way, they can work out every part of the body for a short period that they get each day. Besides, the exercise regime allows them to keep pushing their bodies as they get more fit. It might suck in the short term, but stick with it and you’ll begin to feel amazing in no time at all.

However, to get the full benefits, as explained in the section above, you need to combine your exercise with other healthy practices such as getting enough sleep, eating right, maintaining good relationships, and getting rid of bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Unfortunately, most middle-aged men do not take the right nutrients to remain in optimal health. This is why getting the right diet plans for men is vital as part of your happiness boosting initiatives.



Middle-aged men are usually a very unhappy group. The pressure exerted from different areas of their lives, combined with the realisation that time is moving fast, causes their minds to go into the overdrive, with catastrophic results. Fortunately, they can still live healthy, fulfilling lives even as they sort out issues by working out.

Exercise has numerous benefits to the body and mind that help improves the quality of their lives, leave them happier and reach their goals in life with increased energy. If you are a father at this stage in life and have not started exercising, consider joining in as soon as you learn why exercise makes you happy.

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