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Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast, where you can learn how to improve your diet, lose fat and get fitter in a sustainable and fun way without spending hours in the gym. Here is your host Darren Kirby.

Darren: Welcome back to the podcast, guys. This is the number one podcast for dads in their 40s who want to improve their health and fitness. This is episode 93 and in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about the yoyo effect. So it’s a solo episode today. But before we jump into the episode, I just want to announce that the podcast now has a sponsor. I’m super excited, and the sponsor is a company called Athletic Greens, a product which I’ve been using for quite a while now. And essentially what athletic greens are is a supplement drink that has all of your nutrients and vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, all in just one drink. This got over seventy five different variants and most I am a huge advocate of getting all of our nutrients from foods. You know, there’s various different complications around that. One is you might be so busy that you can’t have the time to get a nutritionally dense meal or the other thing is that, you know, the quality of our food. Now, he’s nutrient deficient. So athletic greens are kind of like an insurance policy, I take it, every day just because of my training that I do. But it’s a complete program, nutritional supplement. And if you struggle to get the nutrients in a highly, highly recommended, you consider taking something like athletic greens is, in my opinion, the most best tasting greens supplement on the market. There’s loads of them out there, but athletic grains have managed to master the taste without putting any nasty ingredients in it. So if you’re interested, you can get 10 percent off. If you go over to www.athleticgreens.com/fitterhealthierdad and you can try out today.

So the topic of yoyo-ing, what do I mean by yoyo? So we have this culture right in the world of nutrition and diet and all the rest of it where we have this restrictive nature. So if our goal is to lose weight, lose belly fat, then we have to go on a diet. So we have to start taking stuff out by diet to stop having things OK. And the problem with that, the see anyway, is that it works okay for a while. Right. So when you first start, you’re full of gusto, you’re full of motivation and you’re committed to making a change. The challenge then becomes particularly like now. So at the time, recording this at the end of April 2021 one and we’re coming out of lockdown. So we haven’t been out to eat for months. We haven’t seen friends for months. We haven’t gone out drinking for months. So what will happen is for the five days that you’re kind of following your normal weekly pattern, you’re pretty good, you’re on point. Then the weekend comes and when the weekend comes, we go out to eat, we make out with friends.

And then our instinctive approach or reaction has been our get all week. So I’ll just let my hair down this weekend, which is fine. I don’t have any problems with that. But the scenario that you create by doing that is that you’re good over the week and then he gets the weekend and you go off and you get back to Monday and you go up. And so there are a few issues around that. The first thing is that, for example, if fat loss and weight loss is your goal, you generally want to be in a calorie deficit, a very basic level. And I’m not going to go into all of that, the calories vs. macronutrients and everything else today. But you want to be in a calorie deficit when we eat out at the weekend and we’re enjoying ourselves. And again, I’m not a party pooper. I’m not saying you don’t enjoy yourself. We have a tendency to drink a lot and eat a lot. And the problem with that is that if you have been on average, like five hundred calories a day deficit each day throughout the week, so you’re about two and a half thousand calories down over five days at the weekend, you can be very, very easy with restaurant-based food and takeaways and alcohol completely. Reverse your calorie deficit in one day, and so that’s what I mean by having this Yo-Yo effect.

OK, so we start off the week. Good. So we can come and then we go down. And then the additional things that I see is that we’ve done it on a Saturday. So we think, well, what we’ve done on Saturday was done on Sunday as well. But quite easily you could exceed your calories by, say, if you’ve made up the deficit on one day on the Saturday by two and a half thousand calories. And then you go again on the Sunday and you do another turn off thousand calories, you actually can be up over the weekend. So this is why I say I’ve been to lots of different groups and Facebook groups and I see it all the time. And what I’m not saying is don’t do it. But what I’m trying to get across to you today on today’s episode is that just be aware that can happen, but also just commit for 12 weeks to not doing it. And if you do that for 12 weeks, like we do in the TT40 method, you will see significant results. Now, the way that I approach the TT40 method is that for the first 12 weeks, we are hugely strict on our calorie intake and making sure our macronutrient ratio is on point in line with our goals. Okay. I’m a big advocate on a massively against dieting and restrictive type eating, so cutting out specific for your and the rest of it, because psychologically as humans we cannot work really if we restricted it sets off something inside us and consciously or unconsciously will feel restricted, will feel conflicted, and we won’t we won’t stick to it.

So by and by following a map like a calorie deficit in a macro level for 12 weeks, we cut down portion sizes, we make sure I’m on point with calories and macros. And then that means that for those 12 weeks, we achieve significant results. Then once you’ve accomplished, you’ve got to where you want to be in 12 weeks, which is easily doable for anybody, regardless of where you’re at currently and regardless of where you want to get to 12, which is a great, great time frame in which to make significant progress, but also make it sustainable. OK, so all of the 66 days the science says we can make a change, our natural habit change, and obviously 12 weeks, 90 days, you can easily achieve that. So I would advocate if you all and you have decided to make that change, just stay consistent. 12 weeks, 12 weeks is not a long time, OK? And then after the 12 weeks, what we do on the TT40 method is then we flick into a maintenance plan. And what that means is we are a little bit more relaxed in terms of calorie intake, in terms of macronutrient breakdown. There’s none of this continually tracking.

OK, what that generally means is you will probably add one or two keys. OK, but then by doing that, you end up in a place where. Your new weight or your new body composition is easily sustainable, and this is the part that the what, in my opinion, the diet industry is the main myth, because I want you to keep fighting. Right? Because if you think about it, if you stick to what they are saying and you are successful, what’s going to happen to the industry over time? It’s going to disappear. So they want you to keep fighting because it means you’ll come back and we end up on this train and they like that. The diet industry loves that because it means you’re all kind of beholden to them. So that is how it works after the 12 weeks. So I’m a little bit off track. I’m trying to kind of make sure that I get all of this out here today. Really. And so that’s well, that’s why I work on the titty for himself. So we set our goals up from where we set our targets, we set our calories and macros after the 12 weeks when we’ve achieved what we want to achieve. And let me be clear, if you stay on track, if you stay to the plan, you absolutely will achieve what you want to achieve. And we’ve got a particular on the coaching program at the moment who will be on the podcast in the next couple of weeks.

He absolutely nailed this and he was dropping a kilo a week and people listening might think, wow, that’s a lot of weight to drop on a weekly basis. I’d be 12 is effectively twelve kilos. But one thing I would say is that they clearly have the right to draw, otherwise the weight wouldn’t drop off because the body will then start to react if he thinks he’s going to be solved and start storing fat and weight and everything else. So and then, like I said, then we go into a maintenance plan, where we gain probably one or two kilos, but it’s easily maintainable. So what I want to say to him, really three things that you can do in order to make sure. Well, actually, for when I think about it, in order to make sure that you don’t go on this Yo-Yo pattern that’s been accepted in the world for four decades, and that is number one, is make sure what you’re doing is not really restricted. What do I mean by that? Make sure you’re not completely wholefood groups of your diet. Carbs are not bad. We need carbs. Carbs are primed and the primary energy source for the body. Okay. What I will say, though, is cut out processed foods, making food from scratch is not difficult. We’ve got complete meal plans, recipes, all in the TT40 method.

Some make sure that is not restrictive. OK, number two, and this might sound a little weird when I say this quite regularly and I have a reason why I don’t. Decide that you’re going to lose fat, you’re going to lose weight just because when things get tough and they will because when change happens as humans, we don’t like change. We like to be in our comfort zone. It becomes uncomfortable when it becomes uncomfortable. Unless you have a strong reason why you’re doing it, you won’t stick to it. OK, and consistency is key if you are not consistent. Like I said, over 12 weeks, you will not achieve what you want to achieve. Plain and simple. I’ve seen it so many times. OK, and then number three is have a plan, OK, if you’re working your job or if you’re one in a holiday or if you want some changes in the house or whatever, you always have a plan because if you have a plan, you know where you are, you know what to do and see what your outcome is going to be like. So have a plan. It’s a 40 method. Has all of it laid out entirely for your 12 weeks. You just need to follow the plan. And then there was a fourth one and now it’s completely gone out of my head in terms of what the fourth one was.

But it might come back to me in a minute. But yeah, so really is three fourths, if I can remember one. So one shouldn’t be restrictive because psychologically it won’t work. No. To have a strong reason why, whether that be a weight goal, whether that be a fitness goal, i.e. you want to run five K. You want to do a 10K, you want to do a 10K in a certain period of time. And number three, have a plan. So you know exactly what it is and you’re going to do each day, OK? And they know what food to eat, what foods to buy and everything else. And like I said, you know, initially, if it was uncomfortable initially, you don’t like it because it’s change and we don’t like change. But if you have all of these things together, you will stop this yoyo effect. And really that was the kind of message for today’s episode is stop having this yo yo effect. And with regards to your weight, because you nutrition and, you know, it just has so many multiple benefits in the long term. Once you build in these healthy habits after the 90 days, that’s it, you’re set for life, then they would be this kind of yo yo and going back and forth, back and forth, up and way down in white and then getting frustrated when you don’t get results. So apologies I can’t remember the fourth one.

I don’t know what it is now and undoubtedly it will come back to me once I finish today’s episode. But yeah, just a quick note on today’s sponsor. Athletic greens, if you haven’t checked them out and go over to www.athleticgreens.com/fitterhealthierdad and you can get ten percent off of your first order, it’s essentially a neutral insurance policy, so go and check that out. But then also you can come check out the TT40 method program over at TT40.fitterhealthierdad.com and it explains everything that the program gives you and the results you’re going to get. And if you’ve got any questions about the program, then you can email me [email protected] Or just directly message me on any of the social platforms, Instagram or Facebook and me or one of the team will come back to you and answer your questions. So that’s it for today’s episode. Guys, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. So nice, short and sweet one. And I look forward to catching you in the next episode.

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