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Welcome back to the podcast, guys. This is number one podcast for men in the forties who want to improve their health through nutrition and fitness. This is episode one twenty seven, and on today’s episode, I’m going to be selecting the top 10 podcast episodes from Twenty Twenty One. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the guests on the podcast this year and look forward to another year of great guests and topics in Twenty Twenty Two. I would also like to thank the show’s sponsors. Athletic Greens, Athletic Greens offer the listeners of the show 10 percent off their first order, so just head over to athletic greens dot com forward slash Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast.

So as I said in the intro, guys, this is going to be my top 10 of the podcasts on the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast for twenty twenty one, which really sounds crazy that the year has gone by so quickly. But I’ve just spent quite a few hours going back through all of the episodes that we’ve had on this year, and we’ve really had some truly amazing guests from real different, diverse areas within health and fitness. And we’ve delved into some really important and key topics around health, fitness, nutrition, movement, mindfulness and various different other areas. So yeah, I’m really keen to share with you what my top 10 are for for twenty 21. So it really would be good, though, if you could give me some feedback in the comments below as to what you felt your best episode was and why that was. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, please put some comments in down below. If you’re listening to this on podcast, then please leave a review. You know, I’m always keen to continually improve the podcast if there’s ever any topics you’d like me to cover around men’s health or just health in general, because we don’t just have men listening to the podcast. We have a lot of lady listeners as well, which is fantastic because you can share that with your partners and your other half’s. So yeah, so another year round the block and another 52 podcasts that we’ve recorded this year, we actually reached a milestone this year and reached our 100th episode, and I’ll be going into that later on.

But let’s let’s kick off. And at number 10 is a solo episode that I recorded and that was episode 101 just over a hundred episode. And that was to do with the three principles that I use in the Top 40 method and in all of my coaching. And we delved into these three kind of simple and basic. But when you put them together, these three principles can have a huge impact so highly encourage you to go back and listen to episode 101. But I’ll just quickly cover off what those three principles are, and they are metabolism. So we look at what our body needs in terms of nutrition to optimize our metabolism. So the body’s using the the food that we get it and the right nutrients that we that we give it as the right fuel to fuel us for energy, for cognitive function, for sleep and all these other kind of good things. And the second principle is movement. So the reason I term it movement over fitness and exercise is that there’s so much more to, I guess, just moving the body than just kind of pounding yourself in the gym or running or other kinds of fitness, you know, just general movement. You know, as we evolve in the modern world, we lose the ability to move in the way that nature has. Designed does put us together, so movement is is a really core principle.

And then the third principle is mindset. And this is something which I feel is not covered enough in the world of fitness and nutrition because, you know, change is a really big thing for any human and we’re wired not to like it. We don’t tend to like it. And so having the right mindset when you decide whatever that might be in terms of fitness, in terms of health that you want to change is really making sure you’ve got the right mindset to make that change. And expectations is a big one within mindset and not expecting that change to happen overnight. So that was episode 101 and that was number 10 in the top 10 for the podcast in 2021. Number nine, we had Dr. Robin Chatterjee very big in the health and wellness space. He is a former NHS doctor. He’s written multiple books Feel Great, Lose Weight, Feel Better, Live More. I hope I’ve got that correct. Dr Chatterjee, if you listen to this apology, but yeah, we had a really great conversation because, you know, he is a huge advocate for really taking responsibility for our own health and not expecting it to be taken care of by somebody else, like the NHS or or your doctor. And we talked about his four pillars that he has for health. So go back and listen to Episode 78 in in the podcast and you can find out what those four pillars are. But we talked about, you know, sleep the importance of sleep, just how underrated it is.

And some people listening to this might be thinking fantastic. You know, we sleep is a thing that we think is good for us and we can do more of it and we should. But it’s not just about sleep, you know the duration, it’s about the quality of sleep as well. That’s another important factor. So if you listen back at episode 78, you can hear the details about that. And then we talked about the importance of real food. You know, we are gradually and increasingly losing the understanding of what real food is, and we have this notion that real food is something that you buy off a supermarket shelf and it’s just not. It’s there to serve a purpose. It’s there to give us some form of fuel for the body. But it’s definitely not nutrition. And so we talk in depth about that. So go back and listen to Episode 78 with Dr Chatterjee. So that was number nine on my top ten for twenty twenty one. Number eight, we talked to a lady called Donna Santos from the states, and she’s known as the mobility maker. Now, Donna is very well known in the US for working with Major League Baseball teams, and some time ago, Donna actually brought in the concept of moving better and yoga into professional sports. And that’s kind of evolved for her, also bringing in mindfulness and meditation and breathwork. And it’s had a profound impact on professional athletes in the US and at Major League Baseball teams.

And it’s a very, very interesting episode. And we talk about breathing, breathwork, diaphragmatic breathing, because, you know, breathing is something that’s necessary. If we don’t breathe, we die. But it’s understanding how to breathe correctly, which might sound a bit strange. But yeah, I highly advise you to go back and listen to Episode 102 with Donna. And that was at number eight. Number seven, I spoke to two guys from the human program, Ollie and Elliott, and these guys are amazing. Ollie is a former professional rugby player, and both him and Elliott have created the human program. And really, it’s about us becoming or getting back to being more human, which again, might sound a little bit strange. But this was in episode ninety four, and we talk about basic fundamentals that we take for granted and that if we focus on them, can have profound impacts to our overall health. So, you know, we talk about breath work again, and this comes up a lot in the podcast that I that I have and the guests that I have, and we’re talking about various different topics. But breath work comes up time and time again, the ability to understand how to breathe properly, how to use breath, to control your mood, to control anxiety. And then we talk about movement again, you know, coming back to like from from on contest on episode 102. We also talked about movement there, but we talked about movement with Ollie and Elliot with their human program, and they are very big into getting back to our kind of ancestral movement patterns.

So almost not play like patterns like we used to do when we were children because again, you know, in our society, we’ve become very static in our movement patterns and it’s generally we go from sitting to walk into sitting and we aren’t using all the various different ranges of possible movement that we have in the body. And just by getting back to that, just how that can help our overall health. And then the other two areas that we talked about with Ollie and Elliot in Episode Ninety four was about mindfulness. Being aware of your thoughts and your emotions and meditations, taking time out, quieting down the mind, using that time to kind of reset and reflect to kind of make you stronger as you go forward so that I really enjoyed that episode. I’m a huge fan of what Ollie and Elliott do over at the human program. So that was episode ninety four, and that was why No. Seven in the top 10 and then moving on to number six from the top 10, we spoke to Dr. Sally Bell again, another former NHS practitioner who has moved away from the NHS. And Dr Sally focuses on functional medicine, and that’s really understanding the root cause of whatever condition you have as opposed to treating the symptom.

And Dr Sally has five foundations of health, so you can you can see there’s some patterns from Dr Chatterjee to Dr Sally Bell. They come up with these principles that we can follow, which essentially by coming up with these principles and like I’ve done with my three principles, it makes it easier for people to understand and to actually implement into their lives. So. Dr Sally. This was episode 98. She has the five foundations of health, which is nutrition, sleep, rest, movement and connection, which I think is really important and really overlooked. So connection with ourselves, understanding, understanding ourselves, connection with others, so relationships and community with other people, and then connection with nature, you know, appreciating nature appreciate in the world that we live in, which again, for males, for men listening to this who are primary listeners of the podcast might sound a bit strange, but I highly encourage you to go back and listen to episode 98 because you might just get one thing from it that you can take forward into your life and implement. And then really, that’s what I’m trying to achieve with this podcast, guys, is I’m just trying to kind of. Simplify a lot of the information that goes on out there in the health and nutrition space so that you listen to the podcast, you can take away at least one thing that you can implement into your lives to hopefully improve your health, fitness, whatever it is that you want to improve.

So that was number six in the top 10, and that was episode 98. Dr. Sally Bell, the five foundations of health. Then we move on to number five in the top 10, and this was episode 82 with Ben Shephard. And some of you or a lot of you may know Ben from TV, from Good Morning TV. And I had a really great conversation with Ben about health and fitness, something that Ben takes very seriously not only for himself, but his family. And Ben has done some, some crazy events and stuff to kind of push himself. And we talked about how we can set an example for our children around health and nutrition. And and we talked a lot about the fact that often children don’t do what we say, they do what we do. And so by setting that example, you know, if you’re wanting your children to move more, to get fitter, to eat better, we as parents have to be that catalyst. We have to set that example and we talked about mental well-being as well. You know, at the time when I spoke to spoke to Ben episode 82. So it was right at the beginning of the year, you know, we were just coming out of another lockdown and we talked a lot about mental wellbeing. You know, there’s there’s obviously some a lot of media now talking about, particularly men’s mental health, but how can we continually again, it’s like all health. It’s not something that you do once it’s something you continually do day to day to just constantly optimize your mental wellbeing and what we can do to to do that ourselves.

And then we talked about discipline. Ben’s very disciplined, you know, he’s a very busy guy in media and TV has a number of companies how he keeps discipline to make sure that, you know, he’s paying attention to his health, paying attention to his well-being. And Ben gave some great tips around just disconnecting from all of our phones and devices for just 15 minutes a day. You know, something that Ben does, and he encourages a lot of people to do that as well. And coming from the media, you know, he more than anybody else, knows just how important it is to kind of disconnect from all of the the noise and stuff that goes on around us. So that was number five in the top 10, and that was episode 82 with Ben Shephard. Then we move on to number four and this was episode 110 with a guy called Dr. Jonny Bowden again from the US. And Dr. Jonny is an expert in cholesterol. Now, I find this topic very, very interesting, just purely on the basis that. Cholesterol is very misunderstood. It’s demonized in our general health whenever and when, when anybody ever talks about cholesterol, it’s always talked about in a negative sense. High cholesterol equals heart disease, but there is so much more to cholesterol than meets the eye. So I highly encourage you if you’re interested in cholesterol, if you’re of that age where you perhaps have been told you’ve got high cholesterol.

It’s not as clear cut as maybe you’ve been told. You know, there’s many different factors on fundamentals from HDL to LDL, and there’s many different types of HDL and LDL. And it’s not all bad. And Dr. Johnny has some great ways that you can test and measure your cholesterol to see if the types of cholesterol that you have are bad. We also talk about how you can manage your cholesterol with your diet. And we talk about just how important cholesterol is for other functions and elements of the body. And so we have to have cholesterol in our diet. Cholesterol is good for us, but there’s very there’s a lot of ways that we can manage it, manage and monitor and understand cholesterol better than we do currently. So that was a very, very good episode. And I thoroughly recommend, particularly if you’re over 40, going back and listening to episode 110 with Dr. Johnny. So that was number four in the top 10. And then we move on to the top three. So at number three, episode 88 and this was with Matt Farr, who is an immune system expert. And I thought, you know, number three, this is a very, very important topic. I actually didn’t think in coming towards the end of 2021, we would still be in the midst of a pandemic clock. We are.

And so immunity and your immune system has never been more relevant or more important for you to pay attention to. And there’s a lot spoken about immunity and immune systems and how you optimize it, how you boost it. And we go into a lot of depth in this with Matt, and Matt is a great expert in this space, and I highly encourage you to listen to this male or female because you will get something from it. This was episode 88. We talk about the function of the immune system, how the immune system is in our gut, how gut health is so important to make sure that we have a strong immune system. So diet is is fundamental in that and we talk about T cells versus B cells. I’m not going to go into that on on this review in the top 10. But yeah, I would definitely go back and listen to episode 88. And then we also talk about the importance and the understanding of vaccine as it relates to our immune systems and building up immunity. So obviously, you know, at the end of 2021 at the time, I’m recording this. Vaccines are in our daily vocabulary. That’s all over the news. We’re constantly talking about vaccines. So if you really want to understand what a vaccine is, what a vaccine does, how it helps our immune system, how it helps us build up immunity, then definitely go back and listen to Episode 88 with Matt Farr and then number two in the top 10 for twenty twenty one is a review of one of my best clients I’ve ever worked with, and it’s a guy called Connor O’Neill.

This was episode one hundred, so it was our quite a milestone for the podcast, and I worked with Connor earlier on this year and he was very overweight, highly successful chef who thought that he understood nutrition. He thought that he understood food. He had some serious health issues of which I’m not going to go into right now. But if you go back and listen to episode one hundred, you will go through the journey that Connor and I went on when I coached him to go from one hundred and six kilos down to 89 kilos in just 12 weeks without any kind of dieting, without any kind of restriction. We just stripped it back to basic nutritional fundamentals, and we gave him a very good fitness program to work on. And those two together kind of followed it to the letter and the results were there to see not just from a weight perspective, but from a general health perspective. From a mindset perspective, it completely transformed his life and that for me, was probably. One of the most rewarding times in 2021 is to to transform someone’s health for the better, but not only that is to give them the tools that they can then take on and carry on through into their day to day life. So that was number two in the top 10, and that was episode one hundred.


So go back, have a listen to that and you’ll get some tips and information from that. But no one in the twenty 21 Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast top 10. Is episode 118 with the show Aziz, the husband and wife, and we talk about good brain health now. This was a fantastic episode. It was so insightful and we often take for granted. I think that there are so many different elements of health, and this concept of brain health might sound a bit bit alien, a bit crazy. But it’s just it shows just how important the health of our brains are and the effects that nutrition have on our brains. And it’s fundamental, really, if you think about it, that we do take care of our brains because it’s it’s effectively the engine of our bodies. It’s controlling everything that we do. It’s affecting our mood, it’s affecting our response, it’s affecting our decision making. And and whilst the brain is such a complex set of systems and pathways and everything else to have good brain health, which ultimately affects your your life externally is is fundamental. But the principles are very basic and it comes back again to nutrition. So I highly recommend that you go and listen to episode 118. It was a fantastic episode. They have devoted their lives to brain health. They are hugely world renowned experts in their field. They’ve been on a lot of American TV programs and their advisors to some of some of the US’s biggest health organizations, and they have their own YouTube channel.

So if you check out Qazi MD on YouTube and they talk a lot on their YouTube channel about nutrition, there’s also links in the show notes, but that was the number one podcast for Twenty Twenty One in the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast podcast. Good brain health, so go and check that out. So that’s it. That’s the top 10 done. So just to summarize in just a recap at number 10, we had episode 101, the three principles of metabolism, movement and mindset, and number nine, we had Dr. Chatterjee and that was episode seventy eight and number eight was Don Assuntos, episode 102, the mobility maker. And then at number seven, we had Ollie and Elliot from the human program. Episode ninety four number six, we had Dr. Sally Bell of Episode Ninety Eight, and that was the five foundations of health. Number five, we had Ben Shephard, episode 82, talking about family fitness and health and wellness. And then episode four, that was episode 110 with how to manage your cholesterol with Dr. Jonny Bowden. And then at number three, we had immune system hacks and that was episode 88 with Matt Farr. And number two was Connor O’Neill, and that was episode one hundred. And at number one, it was good brain health with the charges, and that was episode one one eight. So that’s it. That’s twenty twenty one done.


Thank you very much. This will be going out on New Year’s Eve. So just before we click over to twenty twenty two. So before I go, I’d just like to thank everybody that supported the podcast in 2021. I’d like to thank all of the guests that have been on. I’d like to thank again the show sponsors athletic greens. Also in twenty twenty two, the podcast is going to be launched as a short cast on a platform called Blinkist. So it’s just a short version of all of the podcast. Episodes are going to be launched so you can listen to it in really small bite sized chunks and pull out all of the most key points from each podcast. So that will be launching early in January twenty twenty two, which I’m really excited about. And like I said at the beginning of this episode, if you have anything that you want me to cover, if you have any questions, if you have any comments, please leave me a review on iTunes for the podcast. If you’re watching this on the YouTube channel, please put some comments in to the sections down below. Please, like subscribe and share the podcast on YouTube, on Apple, iTunes, on Spotify. I really sincerely appreciate all of your support. I love doing the podcast. I love speaking to the guests on the podcast and sharing information about health, wellness and nutrition. So have a fantastic rest of your twenty twenty one and I look forward to seeing you again in twenty twenty two.

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