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Diets for Men – 5 Key Components of Effective Diets

If you’re struggling to get excess weight off over 40, don’t get discouraged. Fad diets for men may work well
short-term but if you’re seeking a weight loss plan you can stick with for life, the Fitter Healthier Dad
program can help. Knowing the key components of effective diets for men will help you reach your goal
weight and maintain it indefinitely!

5 Components of Effective Diets

#1 Avoid Severely Restricting Calories or Food Groups

Diets for men that are most effective for long-term weight loss are well-balanced and don’t severely
restrict calories. Avoid dropping below 1,500 calories per day unless your doctor recommends it, as
1,500-1,800-calorie meal plans are safe and effective weight loss diets for most men.
While reducing carbohydrates or dietary fat helps cut overall calories for weight loss, avoid severely
restricting these nutrients as your energy and ability to concentrate may plummet. Well-balanced diets
are best for long term weight loss success!

#2 Diets for Men That are Easy to Follow

Weight loss diets for men involving complicated menus and time-consuming calorie or macro-nutrient
calculations might make you give up on dieting entirely. Instead, choose a weight loss plan that’s easy to
follow indefinitely, such as the Fitter Healthier Dad program designed for men over 40. The diet’s
custom meal plans and fat-burning workouts are simple and something you can stick with for life.

#3 Focus on Protein and Non-Starchy Vegetablesdiets for men

The most effective weight loss diets for men are packed with nutritious proteins, vegetables, and other
fiber-rich foods. That’s because while these foods help fill you up, most are low in calories. Aim to fill
half of each plate with cucumbers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and other non-starchy vegetables. Fill one-
fourth of your plate with healthy protein foods like grilled chicken, fish, or eggs.

#4 Don’t Forget about Healthy Fatsdiets for men

Low-fat diets for men are a thing of the past, as healthy fats boost satiety and are essential for overall health and
wellness. Aim to choose at least one nutritious fat at each meal or snack. For 1,500-1,800-calorie
Mediterranean-style meal plans, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020 suggest consuming about 5
teaspoons of oils (or other healthy fats) daily.
A 1-teaspoon portion of oils equals 1/6th of an avocado, 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/3 ounce of
nuts or seeds, 1 tablespoon of Italian dressing, or 8 large olives.

#5 Know Which Foods and Drinks to Cut

Knowing which foods to cut from your diet is just as important as choosing nutritious weight loss foods.
The best diets for men of all ages (especially those over 40) lack sweets, sugary drinks like soda and
sweet tea, white bread, white rice, other refined grains, processed meats, fried foods, and alcohol. Steer
clear of diet drinks and limit red meat when weight loss is your goal. Diet beverages are low in calories
or calorie-free, but studies show artificially-sweetened drinks are associated with larger waist
circumferences in adults.

The best weight loss diets for men are sustainable long term, well-balanced, delicious, and nutritious!
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weight loss plan for men over 40 today!

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