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Diet plans for men

Diet Plans for Men: Time to Make a Change

Diet Plans for Men: Time to Make a Change

If you go to the gym and have your workout routine you can eat what you like, when you like…….right???  The older you get, the more false this claim becomes.  But don’t worry, there are diet plans for men out there for you.

Back in my late twenties that’s what I used to say “I can eat what I like, I work out” I followed this approach right through to my late 30’s. That’s what I used to think which is why my staple diet plan included foods like pork pies (if your not from the UK and don’t know what a pork pie is google it!) and crisps, as snacks.

I would drink alcohol and then of course when you drink you crave bad food and so on! I assumed I had the wrong body type to be trim and build muscle.  Then I began to ask myself, “are there diet plans for men, like me”?

I was completely unconscious about food, nutrients and what goes into the production of food.  I was always dead against dieting. Again, my opinion was, people who are overweight and don’t exercise need to diet and that’s not me. I was SO WRONG.  In fact, I was heavily overweight and had no idea.

It’s not about going on the latest new diet or juicing or cutting carbs.  It’s understanding the food types your body needs and the amounts, which is applicable for all ages and works even better for middle-aged man.

A Program for Real Dads

At Fitter Healthier Dad, we have designed a program specifically for you.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be breaking down the correct diet plans for men to help you understand how you can implement the right tactics to get results. If you can’t wait that long check out our No Gym! program .  There you will find diet plans for men, designed for men, just like you.

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