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00:00:55 – Introduction
00:04:20 – How Cell Nutrition Surfaced
00:07:01 – In Depth on Cellular Nutrition
00:10:39 – Bio Availability
00:13:03 – Cellular Nutrition and the Ampules
00:14:26 – Actually For Everyone
00:16:19 – Cell Nutrition Procedures and  Directions
00:19:19 – Difference Between the Totum Sport and the Cell Nutrition
00:21:33 – Proper Intake
00:23:20 – Omega Products
00:28:21 – Recommendations for Starters
00:33:14 – New Product Insights
00:36:16 – The Key Difference
00:38:20 – Expected Immediate Effects
00:39:10 – How to Connect with Marie and Cell Nutrition


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Welcome to the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast, where you can learn how to improve your diet, lose fat and get fitter in a sustainable and fun way without spending hours in the gym here is your host Darren Kirby.

Darren: Welcome back to the podcast, guys. This is the number one podcast for dads in their 40s who want to improve their health and fitness. This is Episode 59. And joining me on today’s show is Marie-Louise Farag from Cell Nutrition. And we’re going to be discussing the really interesting topic of cellular health. Cell nutrition is a values led company, the values on natural, pure and innovative, if they are passionate about changing the world’s health through nature’s innovation and believe a healthy lifestyle should be accessible for everybody. Hey, Marie, thanks very much for joining me on the podcast today. How are you?

Marie: Hi, Darren, and thank you for everyone tuning in. And more importantly, thank you for hosting me, Darren. Yeah, I’m really good. Thanks. How are you?

Darren: Yeah, not too bad. I think we were just talking about before we started recording the craziness of covid in the lockdown and how we want to get back to a different kind of normality.

Marie: So yeah.

Darren: Yeah, yeah. It’s been yeah. Unprecedented time. But now I’m glad you can spend time to come on the show today and talk to us about, say, cellular nutrition. If I can actually get my words out. And so for those that perhaps haven’t heard of cell nutrition, Totum Sport, can you give us a bit of background on how it came to be about and, you know, that kind of thing, really, and how long you guys have been in existence?

Marie: Yeah. So we’ve actually we’re a company that are based in the northeast of England and we’ve been there for four years now. So it’s quite exciting. And basically we want to establish ourselves as a brand that not only sell the most premium supplements, but also we understand nutrition. We understand hydration from both wellness and fitness point of view.

So it’s been a really exciting journey so far because I’ve been with the company for over three and a half years now. And yeah, we’ve been working on some exciting projects over Lock down as well, and one which is our cellular fitness solution, which I’ll explain a bit further on the podcast. But yeah, it’s been really exciting and especially as the economy is now becoming a purpose driven economy as opposed to, you know, a profit driven.

That’s also really exciting for us because of a holistic health company. You know, it’s so good to see that nutrition has become so beautifully intertwined between mind, body and spirit. And it’s not just about, you know, to feel anymore. It’s about the holistic approach as well.

Darren:  Yeah, I think that’s an interesting point you make, actually. And I think it’s you know, if we look at it, nutrition has been around for ages. And but it’s, it seems to be now that only people are kind of really joining the dots. And like you just said, it’s not necessarily about an individual supplement and an outcome, is it is. It’s more about your purpose and what various different things that you can put in your kind of wellness, if you like.

Marie: Yeah.

Darren: To optimize and enhance. And I think I had a conversation with somebody on a podcast last night around the fact that, you know, we we all becoming kind of the health industry in general is actually, I believe, going through a shift. And that is we’re becoming way more aware about optimizing where we’re at currently instead of treating a problem.

Marie: Yeah, yeah.

Darren: Is that resonating with you guys?

Marie: Yeah, I definitely think people are becoming more aware, more conscious about their everyday habits and their everyday lives, and therefore they’re making more. Conscious decisions with regards to their health, and they’re not. Just going to think that, OK, I’m just going to go on a diet for a couple of days, they’re going to be consistent, committed to it because they understand how much nutrition and training can actually benefit them in the long run as well.

Darren: Yeah, definitely. And I think, you know, obviously now more that the more than ever, you know, we pay more attention to our health and immunity and stuff like that. And I think what you guys are doing is really, really interesting. And, you know, I didn’t until I saw you guys at the health optimization summit really understand what cell nutrition is all about.

And, you know, the simple fact about hydration and I think is hugely overlooked, you know, not just in adults, but in children as well. And the ramifications of being dehydrated are huge for concentration and awareness and alertness. So can you talk a little bit about the background of cell nutrition and kind of what kind of prompted you to bring this to the market?

Marie: Yes. So it’s actually got a lot of science behind it. And it’s been used to help with loads of different health conditions from digestive have to people of skin conditions, but also for sports performance. And I know we’ve briefly, just briefly mentioned hydration there.

And that’s a really key point to make, because one of the key properties of our products to sport and to sport night and is that they provide 70 bioavailable electrolytes and that’s what actually enables water to be held in our cells. So while someone may be drinking the recommended eight glasses of water every day, if their cells aren’t able to absorb that water effectively, they’re not going to be hydrated. 

And that can have all these different effects on our house, whether whether it’s just a headache, whether it’s per focus and concentration or with regards to sports performance, it could be a matter of getting cramps all the time, getting repeated injuries. And as you said, there’s so many different things that hydration can affect. And one of the key properties of our products is that they’re fully 100 percent natural, which means that all those electrolytes are bioavailable.

So whilst there are other products on the market because they only contain them in four or five electrolytes and they’re also manufactured, they’re not going to work optimally in the body and that’s not going to help you hydrate. But this has been shown to be so effective and we’ve got a wide variety of customers using the product from the everyday gym goer to the elite athlete. And the results are just amazing because, as you said, you know, there’s so many different things that hydration can affect. It’s not just in sports performance, but also in our everyday lives.

Darren: Yeah, definitely. And I think, you know, there’s this there’s this thing that’s bandied around. The fitness is the fitness industry, which is fitness in general about how we should drink two to three liters of water a day. But you made a really key point there. And I’ve learned this through the sport. I do. And that is it’s not necessarily the fact that you can over hydrate.

It’s the fact that if you drink too much water, you actually flush through the body all of the electrolytes it needs. So what you said there about your products, around the fact that your cells have to be able to take in those minerals to be able to retain the electrolytes and hydrate, I think is really important. That’s why I want to kind of emphasize to people listening is it’s not just a simple fact of just consuming as much water as you can because you can actually it can be a detriment. And I spoke to a lot of guys that were doing a half marathon actually last year.

And I said, so I’m not the worst thing that you can do because it was a warm day. It just consumed tons of water, if you will have problems if you do that. So I think that’s you know, that’s a really key point. And the other thing that I want to talk about as well is that you mentioned there that, you know, your electrolytes are natural.

One of the biggest, I guess, gripes I have with the supplement industry is that whilst there’s lots of electrolyte products on the market, as you view, as you’ve mentioned, they are filled with so much rubbish. Yeah. And sweeteners. That’s my biggest I every kind of supplement they fill it with, you know, you think, oh, I’m taking the supplement. So that’s good, I’m healthy. And then you look at the label and realize how much Carliss and all the rest of it is going, and that’s even worse for you.

Marie: So it’s actually incredible because our product, as I said, it’s one hundred percent natural. So it’s actually harvested from the sea and we don’t like change at all. So it’s 100 percent natural. We don’t have any sugar in there, any flavoring. So unfortunately, it’s not going to taste like chocolate, but no. But the results that it gives you are incredible, and as I said, it’s not just about sports performance, but also your health really improves.

So even with regards to immunity, you know, it does strengthen your immune system and with digestive health really helps because it’s, you know, with the absorption of other nutrients from food as well. It helps repair your gut. There’s so many different benefits that stem from using our range of premium products. And as I was saying earlier, one of the things that I’ve been focusing on is cellular fitness. And it’s a new concept that we’ve come up with. But it’s about looking at the whole body.

So whilst we are all individually different, the one thing that we do all have in common is our human cells. And, you know, whenever we think of fitness, often people think about the macronutrients and the protein and the carbs and fats. But whilst they are important, if our internal terrain isn’t primed in order to absorb all these nutrients effectively, we are not going to get as much benefit out of consuming that diet.

We’re not going to be able to absorb that water effectively. We’re not going to be able to, you know, perform at our best and our training sessions or recover. And this is really what cellular fitness is about. It’s about making ourselves fitter so that they can work harder, you can produce more energy, your cells are going to live longer and they’re going to recover more quickly. So there’s just so many benefits that actually come from looking at, you know, the fundamentals, which is your cells, because your whole body is made up of cells.

Darren: Yeah, definitely. And I think this kind of goes along the lines of a mitochondrial health as well, which is being spoken about a lot in the health industry, in the mitochondria for people that don’t know what that is all basically the little powerhouses for ourselves that we need to be we need to have in order to to function. So, yeah, I think it’s really interesting.

And I’m what I like about, you know, cellular nutrition and totum sport is the fact that it’s it’s for all people. So people listening to this, you don’t need to be an elite athlete. It could be just a general gym goer or even to be honest, just, you know, even if you’re just walking throughout the day to the rest of it, it’s OK for the hydration and what you said there and and correct me if I’m wrong, when you mentioned around, you know, your cells being able to absorb the nutrients, is that along the same lines as bioavailability? Because that’s a lot of stuff.

Marie: Yeah, whenever something bioavailable, it means that can it be it can be absorbed and used by your cells effectively. And but as I said, because our products come from nature, they’re fully bioavailable. And not that they’re immediately and naturally absorbed by your cells. It has an immediate effect. And I love that you pointed out that it can be used by everyone because, you know, as a nutritionist, when it comes to supplements, you know, not not every supplement is suitable for everyone.

But when it comes to cell nutrition, isotonic and totum sport night, the the concentration of the electrolytes in our product, actually, it’s an identical replica of what our internal terrain should be. And which is so fascinating because there’s absolutely no other product like that on the market. And because of that very unique composition, it can be used by everyone from newborn babies right through to the elderly.

And even people on medication can use this product because it’s the body almost raise it ourselves because it is identical replica of what our cells already need. So, yeah, if even if you’re you want it for your kids like they can, it by all means use this to support their immune system to help with their digestive health care. So there’s so many benefits of using and this product. So it’s definitely anyone can use it, which is amazing.

Darren: Yeah. And I think it was quite funny actually, is it’s a little story of the totums sport and I’ve got the cellular nutrition and the ampules. Yeah. And I don’t know how you I had you to pronounce it? 

Marie: cell nutrition, the ampules? 

Darren: The ampules. So basically, for, for listeners they are essentially like these little glass cylinders and you snap snap of one at one end and then you put the broken and it sounds a bit strange, like a broken bottle, put it in your mouth, but it’s not one of the one and put it in your mouth and you snap off the other end. And obviously the liquid goes into your mouth. Yeah.

And when you show the kids that the oh, this is really cool. I would never get some of it and then I would. And then when the liquid hits their mouth because it essentially is really, really taste really, really sweet. Taste like seaboards. Yeah. We take a big gulp of seawater, but I think that’s really cool because it’s a great way of getting, you know, the the hydration into the children I. Because I mean, my kids do drink water, obviously, they don’t doubt they drink enough, but I think it’s a good kind of way to eat. You don’t have to kind of sell it to him because it looks cool, especially with boys. They’re well interested in it. And so, yeah, my kids, they do have it. 

Marie: Good. Glad to hear it.

Darren: Yeah. No, and it is good.

And I think, you know, I know this is about health and fitness, but was he really tuned in to the whole family side of things and kids. And one of my biggest things with kids going to school is that they don’t drink nowhere near enough water throughout the day.

And I get that the schools try and do as much as I possibly can. And they do this kind of gesture whether the kids obviously have a water bottle by them, but they can only drink it at certain times of day. And I just I genuinely feel that, you know, we have in all of these struggles now with ADD and ADHD and all the rest of it. And I just generally think that if kids were better hydrated, they would have way better outcomes at school. And  obviously that’s not a magic pill to do everything, but it’s one step closer to them keeping their concentration.

Marie: It’s actually really interesting that you mentioned ADD, because a lot of our customers, by the isotonic for their kids who have autism and it’s been shown to have incredible results because as I was saying, how it mirrors what our internal Darren Kirby it rebalances the body rebalances itself, and especially if your kid has a very restricted diet, only certain foods that they are going to be lacking in a lot of minerals that they that are essential for the body. So by replenishing them in the correct quantities that their cells need can actually have incredible effects.

So that that is actually something that is quite important to bring up now that you’ve mentioned. It’s and there isn’t stuff that it’s really interesting. And, you know, I don’t know the exact science behind it, but I think it could be to do with because obviously the brain and the gut are connected because this is helping to repair all the cells in the gut. This could then have a direct effect on the brain. So it’s really fascinating.

Darren: yeah, definitely. That that whole area of health and wellness and the rest of it, that whole gut brain connection is very, very interesting. And I think not to kind of go too much on the tangent with this. I think the thing for me is that as adults, you know, we’re very keen on making sure that particularly as we get older, that we’re getting the right nutrition, we get in the right supplements or whatever it is that we feel that we need that we’re deficient in. But it’s interesting how much we love and care for our children, yet we never talk about whether or not they actually need some supplementation, do we?

Because we make this assumption that all the kids, you know, they’re eating X, Y, Z, they’re okay. But actually, they probably need it just as much as we do. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Okay. So in terms of the the process that you go through in order to extract the product, can you give us a kind of a can you delve into that a little bit so the listeners can understand the process you go and what it is, you know, the 78 minerals or nutrients that you get from this process?

Marie: Yeah, it’s actually it’s really fascinating. So as I was saying, it comes from the sea, but satellite dishes actually detect where there’s specific areas of the ocean where plankton blooms are. And as they change a different color in comparison to the other areas of the ocean, and we actually harvest 30 meters beneath those plankton blooms. And the reason that, yeah, the reason that we do that is because the plankton actually turn the inorganic minerals and trace elements into bioavailable minerals and trace elements.

And that’s the key reason why I mentioned earlier that they’re bioavailable and the reason that because is because of the plankton and, you know, you can’t just go around and part of the ocean and take the water. And because it’s not the minerals aren’t going to be bioavailable and they’re not going to be in that those specific concentrations. So as I was saying, there’s so much science behind this. But then after we harvest it beneath the plankton blooms, it then gets brought to our state of the art laboratory in Spain and it goes through a process of double called micro filtration.

So we don’t treat the product at all. It just goes through double Kalmykia filtration twice. So all impurities are completely removed and then it gets quarantined for three months and then it gets packaged. Right. So the product doesn’t actually touch the atmosphere until you open the sachet or the ampule, which is okay.

Darren: And then once it’s opened, is there a lifetime for this to be effective?

Marie: I’m sorry. Do you recommend that you use the product immediately, but if you want to use I don’t know, why don’t you use half of it then? I would say take it within 24 hours, right. generally should use that immediately.

Darren: Ok. So for listeners at home, there’s a few different products that you guys go. And so the first one that I want to talk about is totum sport. So totum sport is the one that I use when I’m training and I use it when I go on my long cycles. And that’s in know like a foil, Sache, isn’t it. So can you just explain the difference between the totums sport and then you’ve got the cell nutrition, Quinten, which is in the Ampule, which is the glass that was cylinder that I was talking about.

Marie: Yeah, it’s quite interesting because effectively the cell nutrition content hypertonic is the same as totums sport, but they come in two different volumes and they sort of have different uses. So whilst totum sport is for sports, it comes in 20 milliliters. And the reason why it’s 20 milliliters is because it contains the average amount of electrolytes that you would lose after sweating for one hour based on the average person losing one liter of sweat per hour. And so and obviously, it’s a lot easier to carry, especially if you’re on the bike or whatever. It’s a lot easier to carry a sachet than a glass ampule.

So totum sport on. Hypertonic are essentially the same, but different volumes. And then totum sport night and isotonic are the same, but different volumes. And again, you know, because whenever you’re active, you’re going to be losing more electrolytes. That’s why it’s a different volume. However, the concentration is the same. So the different differentiate between their concentrations as to whether they’re hypertonic or isotonic and based on their concentrations, they will have different effects on the cells.

So that is why we recommend totum sport for recovery during your exercise, pre exercise, post exercise and totum sport night at night for when you repair and whenever your cells are regenerating and helping with deep sleep as well. So they do have different effects in the body and that is why they have to. We have two different concentrations, but again, they’re all one hundred percent natural, no sugar, no sweeteners. The only thing that is different is the concentration of the electrolytes.

Darren: Ok, and so do you have like recommended guidelines for the amount to take? And the reason I ask that is because as you probably are aware, we all sweat at different rates and the what we sweat what comes out in a sweat or happens at different rates. So we say there it is. It is. It just kind of knows you take that per hour because that’s what we’ve worked for. Or is there a more of a scientific process that you can go through to determine how much you need?

Marie: Yeah, so as I was saying, the 20 milliliters will provide the average amount of losing the average amount of electrolytes whenever you’re losing one liters sweat per hour. But obviously, if you’re a heavy sweater, you may want to take more than one sachet every hour. But generally for someone who’s working, I like me myself. I used one before and one after exercise.

And that’s sufficient for me because I’m not exercising for a long period of time. But if I was to be on holiday or whatever, sweating a lot more, I would even take one. But I’m not exercising and I’m just going for a walk because it is really important to to make sure you are replenish your electrolytes, because even though we’re talking about hydration, as I was saying, they have so many functions in the body and so they are so vital to everything that we’re doing in life, whether it’s working or whether it’s doing everyday tasks, whether it’s our focus and concentration, they are crucial to help us with everything.

Darren: Yeah, and it’s interesting that you mention that, you know, even taking it when you, you know, exercising on holidays is quite surprising once you really kind of get tuned into yourself, how you how different you can feel when you know that you’re hydrated.

It’s almost like, yeah, you don’t have these fogginess things and you’ve got more alertness and stuff. It’s not like you necessarily want to go out and run a marathon. It’s just that, you know, you’re not kind of lethargic or tired and stuff like that. So I think I think that’s why I like the product as well, because it’s basically for general life, isn’t it, really?

And we just take the various different different volumes. But you’ve also got some other products, and I use your omega products as well, your omega 3s. But there’s not fish oil was is the essential fatty acids. Yeah. So can you talk a little bit about that as well?

Marie:  Yeah, sure. So that’s our Omega Oil, which is Omega bio cell three, six, nine, and whilst we were talking about the importance of minerals for hydration, for water to actually be adequately supplied around our body and contained within ourselves, it also requires essential fatty acids. So whenever we look at cellular fitness that I mentioned earlier, the four fundamentals that we focus on is minerals, fats, water and charge.

So if you have the essential fatty acids delivered correctly, if you have all 70 electrolytes in bio available form, that means that the water you consume is going to be absorbed more effectively throughout your whole body, and therefore you’re going to have more energy and you’re going to be able to absorb all other nutrients from food as well. So that is the reason why we also do have a unique omega oil.

And as you said, it’s not fish oil, it’s one hundred percent plant based again. So the key thing about that is that if we are to consume a fish oil, we’re consuming the DHA and EPA in the quantities that are present already. But because this is in the form of ALA, it means that it has to transfer into EPA and DHA. But we use a really unique technology and we’re actually the only product on the market that uses this technology. And because it changes the structure of the essential fatty acids, it means that ALA has a lot more bioavailable and it actually stays in the cell for a lot longer.

And so it also has longer lasting and effective benefits. But one thing to point out, which is really important, is that because we’re changing the structure of the fatty acid, it means that there’s a four set purification process. So there’s absolutely no toxins present. And in our mega oil, which means if you are to supplement with it a couple of times a week or every day, you’re not going to have that buildup of toxins which you would get from other products because they don’t have that four step cleaning process, right?

Darren: Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. But also, you know that, again, within the nutrition space, now that, you know, the big topic of conversation is around fats and on the how you know, we’ve almost to a point being missed. So the fact that fats so bad and we shouldn’t have fats, but, you know, we absolutely need particularly omega 3s and we need sixes and nines with the challenge, with the Western diet, unfortunately, is that we have way too much omega six. Yeah, I think we have around about twenty three times more than we actually need 

Marie: for there to be like four to one and it’s up to twenty one.

Darren: Yeah. But I mean it’s good to just highlight really to listeners why this is important. Again, you know the brain is 60 percent fat. Yeah. So if we want good brain optimization, good brain function, we need to have these fatty acids in our diets. Now, normally this would come from fish, you know, from things like mackerel, things like sardines, things like salmon. We can get that.

But not everybody has that in this thought. So. So, I mean, your product is a great product.And actually what I would say is this is the nicest tasting product that I’ve had because. 

Marie:I put it in smoothies are I sometimes mix it with a little bit of I’m going to no avail and I put it over a solid and it’s so good. Like I know a lot of people do take it on their own as well. But, you know, omega 3s, as you said, they’re so important for brain function, cognition. And then, you know, they have an anti inflammatory effect and that will really help with any exercise, muscle soreness, DOMS and the support, blood flow and oxygen delivery to the heart and the muscles.

So there are so, so many different factors when it comes to make it through effects on the body. And that is why it’s an essential fatty acid, because it’s essential on the body doesn’t make it so even if you are consuming fish, like I personally drink a lot of fish as well, but I would still use Omega Bio cell three, six nine as well to ensure that I am getting adequate amounts that my cells need, especially whenever I am working on it as well.

Darren: Yeah, definitely, I think that’s a good point to make as well. And the other thing coming back to the children element of this as well is I haven’t got my kids to take it actually just plain yet. But like he said, you know, you can very, quite easily flick this stuff into milkshakes and things like that for them to take without them being aware about it at all, which is a little bit underhanded. But there we go.

So far for the people listening to this Marie ,and they’re intrigued. They like what we’ve talked about today around the importance of, you know, the cellular health and making sure that we hydrated and they perhaps haven’t either come across your supplements or know where to start. What would you say? Is it kind of recommended way to get started?

Marie: Personally, I would say first thing to do would be to write down your goal. So make sure you understand what your goal is. So whether it’s to get fat, whether it’s to increase muscle mass, whether it’s to lose weight, write your goldkorn on, then have commitment and consistency throughout your health journey. So once you make that commitment and you say, I want to start doing X, Y and Z, I know that I need to take these supplements to achieve X, Y and Z, stay consistent with it.

Don’t just take it for a few days because that’s it. And then forget about it. Make sure you don’t throughout your journey until you got to where you want to be and then reassess and see what your next steps are. But you have to stay consistent and even unrest, as you know, make sure that you’re taking your electrolytes, make sure you’re taking your essential fatty acids. And also remember that, you know, you have to take a balanced approach to it.

So you have to look at the other factors as well, like, are you sleeping enough at your age or training enough to want you to where you want to get to and look at your diet as well as a certain things in your diet you could change. And I think it’s really important to make the small, simple steps and then, as I said, stay committed and stay consistent. But if you are using our supplements, you will definitely be able to achieve your goals a lot quicker.

And also it will be a lot more stable. And it’s also going to support your all ranch health, because as we’ve been discussing, there’s so many different benefits of using our product range and they are completely different to any of the other ones, aren’t there? So they are going to give you an edge and help you stay consistent and stay committed. So I think that would be my. But. 

Darren: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think yeah, I think that’s a great approach. And I like the fact that you brought up around writing down your goals and sleep. So, you know, on the Gulf side of things, you know, for some people listening to this, that might seem a bit extreme. But actually, you know, it’s been scientifically proven that if you write something down or if you commit to a goal your way, more inclined to achieve it and be so consistent and consistency is so key to achieving what you want to achieve.

And the other thing is, is sleep. You know, when you talk about and think about getting fitter and healthier, you or you either think about fitness or you either think about nutrition. But there’s some other many areas and sleep is such a huge part of that. And making sure that not only are you getting seven to nine hours sleep a night, that you’re getting the right type of sleep. So from your deep sleep to your REM sleep, you know, you’ve got a good sleep routine.

And again, this might sound extreme, but things like not eating three hours before you go to bed, making sure you’ve got a nice dark room with the right temperature, all goes to help you having a good night’s sleep. And, you know, the net effects of having a good night’s sleep, all that when you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, you are less inclined to gravitate towards sugary fatty foods or stimulants such as caffeine because your body deprived.

And so, you know, all of that element as well just comes into my stomach in making the bigger picture. So, Marie, when we started recording at the top of the interview, you mentioned about some new systems or products that cell nutrition is developing. Can you give us some insight into that?

Marie: Yes. So it was a sell your fitness solution. And as I was saying, whenever we focus on building up the fitness of ourselves, we focus on the four key fundamentals, which are fats, minerals, water and charge. And essentially, that’s what we’re putting together as we put together sorry, as the cellular fitness.

Solution, and it’s going to completely change your perspective whenever you start to use these products, because, you know, as we age, we don’t recover as fast as we did when we were younger.So, yeah, whenever you take side of it in a solution, it enables your cells to regenerate faster so you recover more quickly. And because you’re more efficient at repairing your churches, you’re going to perform better when you train.

And by using our solution, you’ll consistently, consistently and. Get complete hydration. You’ll have shorter recovery periods and reduced illness and injury risk, so there’s too many benefits of actually using this as a solution. As I said, if you just remember the four key fundamentals, which are minerals, spots, water and charge, then. You will be definitely on your way to reach your goals.

Darren: Ok, and then the charge of the charge element, the fourth element yet is, is that relating to making sure that you’re essentially yourselves are charged with the right minerals?

Marie: Is that what you electrolytes essentially? You know, they do provide a charge to your body. And whenever you take the combination of electrolytes and essential fatty acids because your water is being absorbed more effectively, it’s going to flow through your body more effectively. So you’re going to be more charged.

And then on top of that, whatever nutrient you’re consuming on your training, that’s also going to have a better effect on your body. So you’re going to have a better charge and.You need to have them all together. You can’t just have one, so it comes as a package, which is to sell your fitness solution. And so, yeah, that’s awesome.

Darren: Yeah, that’s really great. And I think it’s interesting as you talk in there, I immediately started thinking about all of these other things are on the market like these energy drinks and things like that. And if people just stopped and just kind of asked themselves, why are they taking it in the first place?

You know, there are so many better alternatives out there. And these products, which to my mind need to have the same kind of laws on them, the alcohol do, as far as I’m concerned, might sound a bit extreme, but I just think they are shocking products and yet they contain so much sugar.

Marie: And as you said, there’s so many artificial ingredients in there. And even, you know, some of them will say they contain vitamins. But what are the source of those vitamins?

Darren: Yes, exactly.

Marie: But like the effects that they have on your health outside of your training, it’s really detrimental. And I also believe that there shouldn’t be a ban on them, because even young kids that are starting to work, you know, they might think, oh, I’ll take that to get to the gym, but they’re not thinking how that’s affecting their health. They’re only thinking about their performance.

And, yeah, you know, I got to take an all around approach to it.

Darren: Yeah, I agree. And I think that’s a whole other podcasts on it. So I’m really isn’t it an around how we are, I guess in some ways marketed to mistletoes consumers and we believe everything that’s said on the tin. But anyway, I won’t get on the soapbox. It’s been amazing talking to you today. But before we wrap up, is there anything that I didn’t ask you that you feel that I should have done that which would benefit the listeners?

Marie: And maybe what is the key, what would be the key difference, you would say when you start to use the cellular fitness solution? OK. And because it increases your performance and it’s healthy circulation, it improves nutrient delivery and also enhances the absorption of other nutrients from food. You’ll therefore enhance your overall health and wellness. So your performance will be better, your recovery periods will be shorter and you’ll feel better.

And everything that you do regard this training regardless if it’s running after your kids. Going to work, working from home and making you dinner, you’ll just feel so much more you’ll feel so much better in yourself because you’re more hydrated, you’re providing your body with all those essential electrolytes and essential fatty acids that it requires.

And as I said, that’s going to create a whole different charge in your body and it will just transform everything that you do. So, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Darren: I mean, that’s an important point to make, because I think it’s from my experience at least, is you get this continuous level of energy throughout the day so you don’t get these dips, these peaks and troughs throughout the day delivered continue throughout the day. And the nice thing about it is that towards the end of the day, you know, even if you’ve trained, you still feel alive, but you still feel switched on, you still feel alert, and you don’t feel like you need to crawl into bed every night.

You kind of yeah. You have this nice sustained level of energy. So that’s really cool. Actually, when you was talking that one of the things that I was going to ask you is when people start to take it generally, I mean, presumably there’s no there’s no kind of heavens opening in the clouds part. And when you kind of get this big bounce of energy, you just generally adapt over time, roughly. How long do you think it takes for people to start kind of really get an effects from this?

Marie: Personally, I, I’ve got an effect immediately and it’s the same with a lot of people that, Like I say with a lot of customers, I see a lot of athletes use their product, but again, it depends on the person why which part of their game and why they’re using it. So they’re using it for performance.

They will generally feel the effects straight away because they’re going to train and they will have taken it. So they’ll be able to see it from that. But if they’re doing it to rebuild their health, it will obviously depend on the health of their cells.

So it may take four days, it may take a week, but it will be very individual with regards to health because it will depend on that person’s cells.

Darren: Yeah, absolutely. So thank you very much again for coming on to the podcast.Really appreciate your time. So how can people find out more about cell nutrition totums sports for all the socials and websites?

Marie:  Yeah, so the websites are totumsport.com and cellnutrition.com and stick around. Instagram handles are active in sport and nutrition and we have 10 percent of code with the podcast. So that’s day 10. So that’s across all products on both sides.

Darren: Perfect. Amazing. Thank you very much for that. It was F.T. 10 for people listening. If you want to go to cellnutrition.com or Totumsport.com and purchase and try out their products, I highly recommend time sport for the guys and gals if it goes listening to for when you’re training and the sound nutrition stuff. I just take that in general now as a daily part of my stack, if you call it that.

So yeah. And also the Amiga Bio cell. I also take that now on a daily basis as well. So that goes back to your charge thing. So if people want to make the connection between that is the hydration and the and the fatty acids which give you the charge. So, yeah, thank you very much for joining us. And I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Marie:  Yes, perfect. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

Darren:  And you take care. 

Marie: Bye.

Darren:  Thanks for listening to the Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please subscribe. And I would really appreciate if you could leave a review on iTunes or the things mentioned in the episode will be in the show notes and a full transcription is over at Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast.