How to Train for a Triathlon As a Busy 40+ Dad and Crush It!

How to train for a triathlon

I always used to look at people that had done a triathlon with envy. I thought they were an impossible feat of endurance on a level that I could never aspire to, let alone learning how to train for a triathlon. That is, until I completed my first triathlon a few years ago and now […]

9 Push-Up Variations for a POWERFUL Homegrown Chest

push-up variation

I’m sorry to say but if you’re still doing 50-100 push-ups every morning hoping to grow your chest you’re going to be disappointed. It’s not going to make your chest any smaller, but by itself the push-up isn’t effective over the long-term because our body adapts to it extremely quickly – like most bodyweight exercises. […]

The Best Bodyweight HIIT Workouts for Men

bodyweight hiit workouts

HIIT is great. It really is. Whether you’re new to fitness or a veteran of pumping iron, you’ve heard about HIIT training in one form or another. And there’s good reason for its popularity. High intensity training is one of the most effective fat loss methods available, if done correctly. Best of all, you don’t […]

Body Weight Workouts for Men Over 40

body weight workouts

Body weight workouts can give you the physique you desire without expensive equipment or time spent travelling to the gym. In fact, resistance training with your own body weight can be just as effective as weightlifting for muscle building. Knowing the best body weight workouts for men will steer you in the right direction, so […]

How to Lose Belly Fat over 40 | Why HIIT is the Answer

best fat-burning exercise

There are plenty of fads that promise to show you how to lose belly fat, to get abs.  If you are in your 40’s, it doesn’t help when there are unrealistic promises to lose belly fat in a short amount of time with minimal effort. Unlike these fads, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and its benefits […]

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men over 40

man holding son kicking a football

Weight Loss workout plans for Men There are loads of them on the market. Men’s magazines, newspaper articles, the internet, apps and your (ten years younger) mates at work who’ve never had a struggle with their fitness. What do all of these things have in common? They are all full of fitness advice and weight […]

Why you should use Triathlon Training

40 Year Old Male Weight Loss Workout

You don’t have to take part in a Triathlon to get the benefits the training brings and what’s great about the training you can easily fit it in around your busy work and family life. With 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of biking and 10 km of running, completing a triathlon is no easy task. But if […]

The Undeniable Benefits of HIIT Workouts

bottle of water on the floor

It always pays to be wary of health and weight loss programmes that scream at you that they “guarantee results in six minutes a day” or something similarly magical-sounding. But exercise science has also come a long way from the pseudo-science that preached that just “pounding the pavement” or simply accumulating countless hours in the […]

20 Min Home Workout Plan | Lose Weight and Get Fit

Workout for 40 Year Old Man

Have you ever tried a home workout plan to lose weight and get fit?  We’ve all been there, you plan to leave work on time and go to the gym and then life happens. You either get delayed in traffic or train is delayed. You get home and then there has been some drama or […]