3 Life-Changing Benefits of Vitamin D for Men Over 40

benefits of vitamin D for men

Since the coronavirus pandemic started taking over the world, people have been looking for ways to boost their immune system and fight off disease. One of the most popular conversation topics that has come to light recently is about the benefits of vitamin D for men and whether it’s worth taking a vitamin D3 supplement. […]

4 Must Do’s For Keeping Mind & Body Strong During Quarantine

Mind & Body

Our mass participation in self quarantining certainly can be argued to be a good thing in terms of saving lives. But the flip side is it is severely restricting our capacity to maintain our mind & body as easily. And if you are in a flat or condo with little in the way of garden […]

Episode 12 – Breathing & Breath Work with Richie Bostock

Episode highlights 01:42 – How Richie ended up in the field of breath work 04:39 – Learning the Wim Hof method with The Iceman 10:13 – The key principles of breathing 15:45 – Managing stress by breathing 20:48 – Breathing protocols during physical exercise 24:10 – Why proper breathing is important after a HIIT session […]

Episode 13 – Psychology & Supplementation With Charlie From Neat Nutrition

charlie - neat nutrition

Episode highlights 01:16 – Charlie is a former Team GB swimmer and a co-founder of Neat Nutrition 06:22 – What the supplements market looked like back then 09:23 – If you’re going to be consistent, it has to be something you enjoy 13:15 – The journey is as important as the destination 16:12 – What […]