Episode 116 – Good Sexual Health for Dads with Dr Anand Patel

Dr Anand Patel

Episode Highlights 00:03:44 Common symptoms associated with sexual health issues 00:06:57 Recognizing early symptoms of sexual health issues 00:08:01 Noticing  what is “normal” for you 00:09:18 40% of men aged 40 have erectile problems 00:10:39 Erectile problems can be an early marker of heart disease 00:11:52 Are you too obese to see your own genitals? […]

Episode 115 – Maximising Life & Parenting with Greg Scheinman

Greg Scheinman

Episode Highlights 00:03:18 Greg’s 6 F’s 00:05:46 Self-care is not selfish 00:07:23 Leading by example and doing the best you can every day 00:09:41 Keep things simple to be more productive. Simple does not mean easy. 00:11:17 Greg lives by his Calendar 00:12:42 What is “Working off Resolve”? 00:15:18 Act with intent to make changes […]

Episode 114 – Get Younger As You Get Older with Nikolina from GlycanAge


Episode Highlights 00:02:45 Guest Background 00:06:00 Matching our Health Span to our LIfe Span 00:07:22 Understanding what Glycans are 00:11:12 How do Glycans change throughout our life 00:13:19 What causes inflammation, aging  and diseases? 00:14:52 Can we slow down or even stop the Aging process? 00:19:05 What can a Glycanage test show you? 00:20:33 How […]

Episode 112 – Low Testosterone in men with Professor Geoffrey Hackett

Geoffrey Hackett

Episode Highlights 00:01:45 Guest Background 00:04:20 What happens when you have an erection 00:07:31 Symptoms of having low testosterone 00:12:30 When do you need to see a GP? 00:17:54 Factors that causes low testosterone 00:22:07 Why antidepressant syndrome is worse 00:31:13 Sexual incompatibility sometimes the cause for break up 00:32:53 Importance of treating erectile dysfunction […]

Episode 111 – Modern Day Fatherhood with Han-son from Daddilife


Episode Highlights 00:01:13 Background of the Guest 00:02:02 Things and events at Daddilife 00:07:11 Dads experiencing postpartum 00:09:02 Is Daddilife a safe space for dads? 00:11:25 Health and fitness challenges for dads 00:19:40 Different health activities at Daddilife 00:24:46 Key issues around dads and wellness 00:27:06 Top 5 tips for dads who are struggling with  […]

Episode 110 – How to Manage your Cholesterol with Dr Jonny Bowden

Jonny Bowden

Episode Highlights 00:01:10 Guest’s Background 00:04:13 What is cognitive dissonance? 00:11:58 High Cholesterol Measurement, HDL and LDL 00:20:34 Right way of testing cholesterol 00:25:08 Why are we sometimes undertreated? 00:27:28 Analyzing what diet is for you 00:27:57 What is Insulin resistance? 00:35:09 Cholesterol is essential to our body 00:38:45 Best nutritional advice Links Facebook Instagram […]

Episode 109 – I eat Healthily with Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby

Episode Highlights 00:01:39 Eating Healthily 00:05:00 How do you know that you’re eating healthy 00:06:55 How our Gut works 00:08:25 Why do we need to eat healthily? 00:11:19 Why do we need protein in our diet? 00:15:45 Tracking your diet Links Instagram Athletic Greens Discount Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave a […]

Episode 108 – Are you at Risk of Diabetes? With Anita Beckwith

Anita Beckwith

Episode Highlights 00:02:36 Guest’s Background 00:03:13 Why there’s a huge rise of type two diabetes 00:12:42 Eating a nutrient dense diet 00:16:22 Elements of Diet 00:20:58 What affects our dietary choices? 00:24:43 How to deal your cravings at night 00:32:03 Symptoms of Diabetes 00:34:47 Prevention of Diabetes 00:41:42 Top 5 key takeaways 00:43:31 Importance of […]

Episode 107 – Why is Fibre Good for our Guts? With Helenor from Troo


Episode Highlights 00:02:25 Guest Background 00:07:03 Better choices in food 00:10:32 Why is Fiber so important in our diet? 00:16:05 Are fruits good for us? 00:23:44 Saying goodbye to the pills by eating the right healthy food 00:27:23 Good food tastes good 00:28:55 4 Pillars of achieving gut health 00:31:11 What we eat affects our […]