Top 5 Men’s Health Issues

men’s health issues

Men’s Health Issues We’d all love to stay young and healthy forever. Unfortunately one of these is impossible, short of unforeseen future technology that may achieve it (one can always dream). Good health even in middle age and beyond should be far more achievable ambition with the right mindset. There are certain conditions that tend […]

3 Life-Changing Benefits of Vitamin D for Men Over 40

benefits of vitamin D for men

Since the coronavirus pandemic started taking over the world, people have been looking for ways to boost their immune system and fight off disease. One of the most popular conversation topics that has come to light recently is about the benefits of vitamin D for men and whether it’s worth taking a vitamin D3 supplement. […]

3 Surprising Reasons Why the Fitness Industry Wants You to Fail

fitness industry

Before starting Fitter Healthier Dad, I came to a realization that completely shifted my mindset about exercise and the fitness industry as a whole. I spent years trying different programs, supplements, and diets. But my results never came. What was I doing wrong? I was doing everything I was being told, but no matter what […]

The Best Testosterone-Boosting Diet Plan for Dads Over 40


Did you know, the average man in the modern world has 30% less testosterone than their fathers? [1] The hormone can sometimes get a bad rap in society and the media, especially when toxic masculinity gets brought up, but believe it or not testosterone is as close as men can get to a performance enhancing […]

12 Amazing Ways Exercise Makes You Happier As You Get Older

exercise makes you happier

Forty is a dreaded age for most people, especially for fathers. By the time they reach 40, most of them are emerging from the midlife crisis that started at the age of 35. At this time, men are feeling the pressure owing to the fact that years are fast passing by and there might be […]

7 Tips to Lose Weight for Men after 40 – Its easier than you think

losing weight for men

Losing weight for men after 40 is never easy, but it is pretty simple. There are loads of ways to shed those unwanted pounds — and improve your lifestyle too. If you’ve tried countless fad diets and grueling exercise programmes without any long-term weight loss, you’ll be relieved to know that losing weight after 40 […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Whilst the mental health benefits of exercise are well known and advocated for in the health sector, not all of us can attest to feeling the ‘runners high’. Concrete evidence can sometimes be an excellent prompt to push people to take on an exercise regime. Science led approaches are increasing in popularity, as we are […]

Fat vs Muscle: The Weight Differences

Fat vs Muscle

It’s common to question the difference between fat and muscle, especially when you’re so fixated on the number that flashes up on your scales every morning. And that makes perfect sense. The scale gives you a single number to measure yourself against day after day. But it’s also far too simplistic. To transform yourself into […]

Brain Fog Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

brain fog

Do you have brain fog or feel fatigued? Most of us sometimes feel foggy, tired, and weak. But how would you cope with it, especially when it’s already affecting your tasks and relationships? Let’s go through the causes of brain fog, its symptoms, and how it can be treated. What is Fatigue Fatigue is described […]