How to Train for a Triathlon As a Busy 40+ Dad and Crush It!

How to train for a triathlon

I always used to look at people that had done a triathlon with envy. I thought they were an impossible feat of endurance on a level that I could never aspire to, let alone learning how to train for a triathlon. That is, until I completed my first triathlon a few years ago and now […]

3 Surprising Reasons Why the Fitness Industry Wants You to Fail

fitness industry

Before starting Fitter Healthier Dad, I came to a realization that completely shifted my mindset about exercise and the fitness industry as a whole. I spent years trying different programs, supplements, and diets. But my results never came. What was I doing wrong? I was doing everything I was being told, but no matter what […]

9 Push-Up Variations for a POWERFUL Homegrown Chest

push-up variation

I’m sorry to say but if you’re still doing 50-100 push-ups every morning hoping to grow your chest you’re going to be disappointed. It’s not going to make your chest any smaller, but by itself the push-up isn’t effective over the long-term because our body adapts to it extremely quickly – like most bodyweight exercises. […]

How To Get Rid of Love Handles – Lose Them Forever

how to get rid of love handles

How to get rid of Love Handles or A spare tire – or tyre – is a slang term for excess fat around the stomach. That’s all it is. It’s not a different type of stomach, beer belly, or anything else. It’s just fat. This article isn’t going to make it complicated and talk about […]

The Best Bodyweight HIIT Workouts for Men

bodyweight hiit workouts

HIIT is great. It really is. Whether you’re new to fitness or a veteran of pumping iron, you’ve heard about HIIT training in one form or another. And there’s good reason for its popularity. High intensity training is one of the most effective fat loss methods available, if done correctly. Best of all, you don’t […]

12 Amazing Ways Exercise Makes You Happier As You Get Older

exercise makes you happier

Forty is a dreaded age for most people, especially for fathers. By the time they reach 40, most of them are emerging from the midlife crisis that started at the age of 35. At this time, men are feeling the pressure owing to the fact that years are fast passing by and there might be […]

7 Tips to Lose Weight for Men after 40 – Its easier than you think

losing weight for men

Losing weight for men after 40 is never easy, but it is pretty simple. There are loads of ways to shed those unwanted pounds — and improve your lifestyle too. If you’ve tried countless fad diets and grueling exercise programmes without any long-term weight loss, you’ll be relieved to know that losing weight after 40 […]

Sugar Vs Fat

sugar vs fat

If we go back at the 80’s when the first low-fat diets started to blow and thus leading to an enormous of low-fat products we can see that from there on many food companies jumped on this food trend. While producing low-fat products these companies had to add extra sugar to boost flavor and enhance […]

How to Lose Weight Fast in 2021

The best way to lose weight fast in 2020 is the way that’s been the best forever….. diet and exercise, there is no magic bullet, the recipe remains the same and will remain the same length into the future. It takes hard work and dedication to lose all the weight you spent years putting on. […]