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Healthy Meal Plans – The Power of Macronutrients

Healthy meal plans used to be a thing of the past. The accepted wisdom for decades was that to become leaner, get abs over 40, or hit any other weight-loss related fitness goal, all you needed to do was simply eat fewer calories and burn more off using a gym workout plan. That process of [...]


The 80/20 Rule – Achieving Impressive and Sustainable Results

If we were to ask you “what is the Pareto Principle?” we wouldn’t be surprised if we got a few blank looks. But don’t worry, the Pareto rule isn’t some sort of shortcut to six-pack abs or a secret weight loss programme. In fact, it initially didn’t have anything to do with fitness at all. [...]


Why Processed Foods are Weighing You Down

When you’re working your way through our Busy Dad Guide that is designed to help not just dads, but all men who want to get fitter and healthier to hit their lifestyle goals, you might notice a real focus on food. Alongside our workouts for men over 40, or even just the workouts targeted at [...]


Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men

Men’s magazines, newspaper articles, the internet, apps and your (ten years younger) mates at work who’ve never had a struggle with their fitness. What do all of these things have in common? They are all full of fitness advice and weight loss workout plan for men. With so many “experts” and guides floating around, it’s [...]


Understanding and Beating Cravings

In our new book, we’ve talked a lot about something called the “Pareto Principle”. But don’t let the fancy-sounding name throw you. It’s basically just a useful rule of thumb to remember when it comes to your diet and lifestyle choices, especially when you are a busy dad trying to lose weight and tone up [...]


Why It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Gut

If you feel like you’ve seen the words “gut health” and “microbiome” a lot more lately, you’re not alone. In times gone by, when the “gut” was referred to it was typically referencing the dreaded middle-aged man belly, stereotypically brought on by bad food and too many beers over the years. But the focus on [...]


Midlife Obesity in Men – Ways to Win the Fight

For some mystifying reason, publicly talking about dieting was more typically seen by society as a female-focused area with the weight of diet and fitness articles geared towards titles that included “bikini bodies”, “toning legs” and similar themes. However, the statistics that apply to middle-aged men in Western countries are truly alarming and suggest that [...]


Is There A Simple Shortcut to Brain Health and Productivity?

We are constantly told that we shouldn’t chase a pill or single solution to make us healthier and that sustainable, long-term health outcomes come from a solid diet, regular exercise, and managing our stress levels. But that’s not entirely true, is it? Antibiotics come in pill form and help us fight off diseases that might [...]


Unlocking the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Let’s face it, the idea of voluntarily going hungry isn’t an appealing one. But when long-term symbols of health and strength like Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth endorse a fitness trend, it’s probably worth paying attention. So why is there a sudden interest in the idea of intermittent fasting? Contents1 Intermittent Fasting, An Evolutionary Necessity2 [...]

Free 5 Day Food and Fitness Challenge

Kickstart your way to being the fit, healthy dad you want to be! 5 Simple and Easy Nutrition and Fitness workouts

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