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20 MyFitnessPal Tips for a Healthier Life!

MyFitnessPal is an excellent health and fitness tracker. If your goal is staying healthy, losing weight, becoming more active, or eating healthier. But while many people utilize MyFitnessPal, not all of them use the app or website correctly.  Knowing about some helpful MyFitnessPal tips gets you headed on the road toward healthier living. You can [...]


Top Health Myths for Men over 40

If you’re like many men, you probably feel overwhelmed with health information you see on the internet or hear about from friends, which makes weight loss or maintaining lean muscle challenging. Knowing more about the top health myths for men over 40 is the first step in your journey toward better health and wellness! Contents1 [...]


Episode 14 – The Medicinal Chef with Dale Pinnock

Episode highlights 01:59 – From battling acne to studying nutrition–Dale’s backstory 05:21 – He’s been cooking since he was four 11:09 – People are looking for reliable, evidence-based information 14:00 – How you treat your body can drastically influence susceptibility to illness 22:43 – All good diets have one thing in common 27:05 – What [...]


Increase Your Muscle vs. Fat Ratio with These Simple Strategies!

If having more muscle vs fat is your goal, making healthy lifestyle changes can help you get there. Regardless of how much you weigh, your muscle and fat ratio is what keeps your chronic disease risks low and helps you look and feel your best. There are several tips and tricks that make it easier [...]


Episode 7 – The Doctor’s Kitchen with Dr Rupy

Episode highlights 01:12 – Dr Rupy’s career background, his interests and why he started The Doctor’s Kitchen 05:08 – Becoming more pragmatic about what we consume 09:15 – Eat to Beat Illness and the concept of food as medicine 12:57 – The impact of poor diet choices is not always immediate 16:24 – Recognising and [...]


Episode 12 – Breathing & Breath Work with Richie Bostock

Episode highlights 01:42 – How Richie ended up in the field of breath work 04:39 – Learning the Wim Hof method with The Iceman 10:13 – The key principles of breathing 15:45 – Managing stress by breathing 20:48 – Breathing protocols during physical exercise 24:10 – Why proper breathing is important after a HIIT session [...]


A Simple 12 Week Weight Loss Workout Program for Men

Contents1 Weight Loss Workout Program for Men1.1 Cardiovascular Weight Loss Workouts for Men1.2 Strength Weight Loss Workouts for Men1.3 At-Home Circuit Training Workout Plans for Men to Lose Weight1.4 Sample Weight Loss Workout Program for Men1.5 Add Healthy Eating to a Weight Loss Workout Program for Men1.6 How Can I Get Additional Fat-Burning Workouts without [...]


The 17 Best At-Home Medicine Ball Exercises for Men – No Gym Membership Required!

If you’re a dad with a busy schedule as many fathers are, it’s often difficult to get to a gym regularly. Fortunately, you don’t need a gym membership to get in shape and achieve the muscular physique you deserve. The Fitter Healthier Dad no gym program is the Exercise at home for men solution you’ve [...]


The Best Supplements for Men You Can’t Live Without!

Taking the best supplements for men is the key to achieving a healthy life free from fatigue and chronic diseases. Some dietary supplements even enhance weight and fat loss in men. Use the supplement list below to determine which of the best supplements for men are a good fit for you! Contents1 #1 Whey Protein2 [...]

Free 5 Day Food and Fitness Challenge

Kickstart your way to being the fit, healthy dad you want to be! 5 Simple and Easy Nutrition and Fitness workouts

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