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Episode 20 – Tragic Accident to Ironman with Raya Hubbell

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 01:14 – Raya’s backstory: from Olympic skier to living an unhealthy lifestyle  05:40 – How she caught the triathlon bug 11:30 – Key attributes you need to be a successful triathlete 17:10 – Get started by creating routines and integrating short sessions  23:57 – Diet and sports nutrition 33:35 – [...]


Episode 19 – Dads Need Timelines & Deadlines with Darren Kirby

 >>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 00:37 – The importance of timelines and deadlines in fitness and nutrition 03:37 – When you have nothing to measure against, it’s hard to evaluate progress  06:05 – Don’t set big goals because you’ll get overwhelmed 10:03 – What to do if you find you’re off track    Welcome [...]


Episode 18 – The Routine Machine with John Lamerton

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 01:04 – John went from being a civil servant to entrepreneur, business coach and author 06:14 – How he became King of Routine  08:49 – The Chimp Paradox and the three areas of our brain  12:38 – Understanding the circadian rhythm and how it affects performance 18:58 – How to [...]


Episode 12 – Breathing & Breath Work with Richie Bostock

How Richie ended up in the field of breath work 04:39 – Learning the Wim Hof method with [...]


How Lose Belly Fat Fast

Contents1 Are you looking for How Lose Belly Fat Fast and improve your overall health 2 Excess calories make you fat, regardless of whether they come from fat or carbs3 What to eat?4 Protein Sources5 Low-Carb Vegetables6 Fat Sources7 Drink lots of water8 Sleep and chronic stress9 Fat loss training 10 Fasting11 Do these for How Lose [...]


Episode 17 – The Turmeric Guy with Thomas ‘Hal’ Robson-Kanu

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 00:55 Thomas ‘Hal’ Robson-Kanu suffered with severe injuries and pain in his teens 03:12 When Thomas was unable to play in games 06:02 A solution to the pain and inflammation 10:19 Grandfather was involved in herbal medicinal practices 13:39 Thomas discovered turmeric shots at Harrods 19:58 Curcumin is the active [...]


Episode 15 – The Art Of Cycling with Tim Ramsden

>>Download Show Notes<< Episode highlights 01:07 – In the beginning, it was pretty much about Sundays 08:04 – There’s nothing new–you can improve cycling by circuit training 10:30 – Recommendations for a busy person looking to start cycling 14:32 – Know your threshold and heart rate, and how to use them 18:00 – It will [...]


Keto Diet For Men

Contents1 What is a keto diet?2 Keto diet for men |What to eat on keto?3 Benefits of keto diet4 What is ketosis?5 Is it safe?6 Do you lose weight faster on keto?7 Side effects on a keto diet8 Keto diet controversies9 Summary What is a keto diet? How to achieve the right keto diet for [...]


Getting back in shape your 40s 

Getting back in shape, how to start training in your 40s. Sooner or later we all come to realize that health is not given and it’s (one of) our most precious asset. So we should treat it that way. However starting or restarting a healthier lifestyle, regular training has its traps. Not even a few. [...]

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Kickstart your way to being the fit, healthy dad you want to be! 5 Simple and Easy Nutrition and Fitness workouts

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