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Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting in 2020

Intermittent fasting has been the number one search diet last year and taking into consideration the widespread use of it, surely will be on top in 2020 too. So what makes the intermediate fasting such popular and the number one option for those seeking to live a healthy lifestyle? The researches which emphasize and support [...]


Episode 27 – Wim Hof Methods For Dads With Leigh Ewin

h2 Episode highlights 0:01:17 – From Australia, to London, to Finland: Leigh shares his background 0:05:58 – The environment, culture and weather in Finland 0:15:36 – What inspired Leigh’s interest in cold exposure therapy? 0:20:34 – His inaugural plunge in the Baltic Sea 0:23:00 – Mental benefits of taking a cold shower 0:27:15 – It’s [...]


Episode 26 – 10 Ways For Dads To Start And Not Give Up In 2020

Episode highlights 02:08 – Don’t change too much too soon 04:15 – Find something you enjoy 05:42 – It will be hard in the start 07:06 – Be adaptable 08:40 – Accountability is key 10:50 – Diet and food prep 13:28 – It takes 66 days to form a habit 15:09 – Diarise your training [...]


Episode 25 – The 2019 Review Of Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast

Episode highlights 02:25 – Gut health and how it affects the rest of the body 05:20 – The ketogenic diet 07:29 – Food is medicine 08:47 – DNA testing and what it reveals about your nutrition needs 11:22 – Sleep and the importance of sleep for your wellbeing 14:13 – Incorporating swimming into your fitness [...]


How to Balance Career and Fitness For Dads

After some years pass by its seems fitness for men is harder for us to get up and take care for our body, there is always something that keeps you from not doing exercises, like your busy day in work or you plan to spend more time with family or friends, or hobbies too, and [...]


17 Unexpected Life-Changing Outcomes of a Developing a Fitness Habit

You thought the best thing about fitness was losing weight and getting a six-pack? Think again… What you’re about to read changed my life. And I hope it changes yours. When most men take on a fitness regimen of any kind, their goal is usually physical. They want to look good in the mirror. They [...]


Episode 22 – Kids Nutrition With Jenna & Yasmin Of The Yoghurt & Juice Network

Episode highlights 00:25 – Why Jenna and Yasmin founded The Yoghurt & Juice Network 05:07 – The Yoghurt & Juice Network covers the whole childhood age range 09:16 – What a healthy balanced diet for kids looks like 15:50 – It takes 15–20 exposures for a child to decide whether they like a food 18:10 [...]

Free 5 Day Food and Fitness Challenge

Kickstart your way to being the fit, healthy dad you want to be! 5 Simple and Easy Nutrition and Fitness workouts

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