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Episode 42 – Burnt Out Online Business Owner to Revitalised Dad with James Eager

  Episode Highlights 00:02:17 How is it like for busy dads having a toddler.00:03:51 Brief background about the guest.00:05:24 Coping up with being burnt out00:13:33 Changing routines for the better00:21:09 Importance of macro nutrients and  hydration00:23:00 Getting into exercise00:25:57 Importance of quality sleep00:33:12 Always good to be adaptable00:39:06 Dealing and adapting with changes00:41:17 Jame’s next [...]


Episode 41 – How to be the best dad with Larry Hagner from Good Dad Project

  Episode Highlights  00:01:52 – Staying fit during this lock down period00:03:07 – Good Dad Project background00:06:12 – Unexpected side effects or benefits of the Good Dad Project 00:08:41 – Different elements that the Good Dad Project is focusing on00:12:14 – Side benefits for following the Good Dad Project methodology00:17:16 – Catalyst  of Good Dad [...]


4 Must Do’s For Keeping Mind & Body Strong During Quarantine

Our mass participation in self quarantining certainly can be argued to be a good thing in terms of saving lives. But the flip side is it is severely restricting our capacity to maintain our mind & body as easily. And if you are in a flat or condo with little in the way of garden [...]


Episode 40 – The Benefits of Nootropic Supplements For Dads With Gregory Kelly of Neurohacker Collective

  Episode highlights 0:02:42 – Greg studied nutritional and medical anthropology after a career in the Navy 0:06:15 – Why the rise of nootropics and what are its benefits? 0:11:45 – Improving the body’s brain and muscle performance in a healthy way 0:17:55 – There is science behind different nootropic compounds 0:21:27 – How to [...]


Episode 39 – Dad’s Delicious Dinners with Ian

  Episode highlights 0:02:40 – The inspiration behind Dad’s Delicious Dinners  0:06:58 – Ian and family have made adjustments for life under lockdown  0:09:04 – How has he ensured the kids get healthy snacks at school? 0:12:30 – Serving a balanced diet, serving variety, and roping in the young ones 0:18:54 – What happens when [...]


Fat vs Muscle: The Weight Differences

It’s pretty common to question the difference of fat vs muscle, when looking at your health and fitness goals and fixated on the number that flashes up on the scales. And that makes perfect sense. The scale gives you a single number to measure yourself against day after day. But it’s also a little too [...]


Episode 38 – Keeping FIIT Online During Covid-19 with Dan and Sammi from FIIT

  Episode highlights 0:01:24 – More people are turning to Fiit because of COVID-19 restrictions 0:05:10 – The platform is built around four laws of habit formation 0:10:06 – Different class levels and other elements of Fiit 0:14:02 – The early days: from concept to growth 0:18:19 – What to expect when you sign up [...]


Episode 37 – 26.2 Miles to Happiness with Paul Tonkinson

  Episode highlights 0:00:49 – How Paul is adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic 0:13:50 – A strong sense of community 0:18:02 – Flip things around and take advantage of the time you have 0:27:08 – The backstory to 26.2 Miles to Happiness 0:30:57 – How he trained to run the marathon in sub-3 [...]


Episode 36 – Mindful Movement for Dads with Richie Norton

  Episode highlights 0:01:40 – Richie comes from a rugby background, but his trajectory changed after an injury  0:05:31 – He went to some dark places before he was lucky to get a lifeline  0:10:52 – We all deal with stress; we just need to work on the tools we have available  0:15:19 – How [...]

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