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Weight Loss Calculator: What To Measure?

Ever heard the term treasure what you measure??? I remember coming out of the gym, feeling really good about myself that I trained hard and was improving my overall health and fitness. What To Measure For Weight Loss Generally I would train during my lunch hour and as I worked in the City of London [...]


10 Guidelines for a Healthy Diet Plan for Men in their 40s

Contents1 Healthy Diet Plan for Men1.1 FRUIT & VEG1.2 DAIRY1.3 MEAT & FISH1.4 NUTS & PULSES1.5 CARBOHYDRATES1.6 FATS Healthy Diet Plan for Men We are becoming more and more aware of the food we should eat and understanding where the food comes from, but there is very little said about portion sizes, we all talk [...]


Diet Plans for Men: Time to Make a Change

Diet Plans for Men: Time to Make a Change If you go to the gym and have your workout routine you can eat what you like, when you like…….right???  The older you get, the more false this claim becomes.  But don’t worry, there are diet plans for men out there for you. Back in my [...]


At Home Workouts – Workout at Home without Equipment

At Home Workouts without ANY equipment are very possible. With busy lives, work, families and home life it is often difficult to then make time to go to the gym. Logistically it can be difficult with juggling childcare to give you that time to go to the gym. If you train for an hour its [...]

14 Day Fat Loss Kickstart

Kickstart your way to being the fit, healthy dad you want to be!



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