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17 Unexpected Life-Changing Outcomes of a Developing a Fitness Habit

You thought the best thing about fitness was losing weight and getting a six-pack? Think again… What you’re about to read changed my life. And I hope it changes yours. When most men take on a fitness regimen of any kind, their goal is usually physical. They want to look good in the mirror. They [...]


Episode 50 – Dads Diabetes Risk with Dr Mazn Raouf

Episode highlights 00:01:54 Guest Background 00:07:16 Importance of Healthy Balanced lifestyle 00:08:24 6 Key Areas for Healthy Balanced Lifestyle 00:28:01 Kinds of carbohydrates, sugar, fiber and starch 00:31:57 Packed foods 00:41:38 Factors about type two diabetes 00:52:51 About A1C 00:55:41 Effectiveness of Lifestyle Medicine 00:59:17 Tips and Take Aways from Dr. Mazn Links Visit the [...]


Episode 49- Dads Are You Being Honest?

Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Introduction 00:00:52 About The Video “Are You Being Honest?” 00:03:27 Being On A Milestone 00:05:10 Tips and Advice to Lose Weight 00:06:41 Track Your Diet00:08:27 Subtle Issues 00:09:58 Benefits of Being Fitter and Healthier 00:13:24 Reflective Perspective 00:14:34 The 14 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Program 00:16:08 The Value of Consistency Creates Great [...]


The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Whilst the mental health benefits of exercise are well known and advocated for in the health sector, not all of us can attest to feeling the ‘runners high’. Concrete evidence can sometimes be an excellent prompt to push people to take on an exercise regime. Science led approaches are increasing in popularity, as we are [...]


Episode 48 – Smooth Swimming for Dads with Paul Newsome

Episode Highlights 00:06:30 Guess Background 00:17:44 Triathlon on 94 00:23:15 Advice for people who are going back on swimming 00:34:15 Dry land training on swim smooth 00:38:59 A good structure training for the listeners 00:50:05 Insights on covid comeback program 00:55:10 Benefits of swimming to cycling and running and vice versa. 01:00:01 5 key actions [...]


Episode 47 – Home Fitness Equipments for Dads with Laurence White

Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Bit of Background on Laurence 00:01:15 Personal and business point of view on the current situation 00:05:22 Laurence’s innovative new product 00:09:50 Understanding more about Lawrence’s new innovative training product 00:12:12 Perks of Laurence’s new training product 00:14:09 Evolving home workouts 00:19:34 Strength and conditioning 00:29:02 Benefit of the recovery pump 00:34:58 [...]


Episode 46 – The Art of Fatherhood With Art Eddy

Episode highlights 00:01:43 Guest Background 00:06:55 how it started 00:18:04 The importance of venting yourself into something 00:24:21 Why open line of communication is important 00:28:12 Benefits of the Internet 00:29:44 The key message and the reason why the book life of dad was created 00:48:27 The five biggest challenges that facing fathers in modern [...]


Episode 45 – Plant Based Fuel for Dads with Cory Warren

Episode highlights 00:01:18 Thoughts on current global issue 00:05:32 Cory’s backstory 00:09:54 Lifestyle change 00:17:18 Three phases of plant based diet 00:22:29 Benefits of plant based diet on kids 00:29:44 Thoughts on meat nutritions versus plant based diet 00:40:41 Five key actions Links Facebook Instagram Pinterest Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad website Subscribe or leave [...]


Episode 44 – Nasal Breathing to Improve Dads Health with Patrick McKeown

Episode highlights 00:01:38 Guest background00:05:30 How it all started00:09:35 Impact of stress in quality of life00:13:58 Determining functional/dysfunctional breathing pattern00:16:01 Improving breath patterns00:23:40 How breathing affects sleep00:28:11 Correlation of good breathing with nutrition00:34:24 Dealing with stress through breathing00:37:16 Nose versus Mouth breathing00:41:23 Benefits of nasal breathing00:42:50 On point stress reliever00:48:04 Optimum breathing for humans00:53:27 Benefits [...]


Episode 43 – Building Strong and Injury Free Dads with Adam Willis

Contents1  2 Episode highlights3 Links4 Transcript   Episode highlights 00:03:25 Process of Creating a System00:08:32 Taking everything step by step00:12:32 Key of Progress00:18:29 Advice on individuals  who wants to be fit again00:24:49 Progress faster with a good coach00:29:07 Assessing  clients to get 100% progress00:42:50 Great take aways00:49:03 Simple versus Easy Links Podcast Instagram Visit the [...]

14 Day Fat Loss Kickstart

Kickstart your way to being the fit, healthy dad you want to be!



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