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17 Unexpected Life-Changing Outcomes of a Developing a Fitness Habit

You thought the best thing about fitness was losing weight and getting a six-pack? Think again… What you’re about to read changed my life. And I hope it changes yours. When most men take on a fitness regimen of any kind, their goal is usually physical. They want to look good in the mirror. They [...]


Episode 37 – 26.2 Miles to Happiness with Paul Tonkinson

  Episode highlights 0:00:49 – How Paul is adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic 0:13:50 – A strong sense of community 0:18:02 – Flip things around and take advantage of the time you have 0:27:08 – The backstory to 26.2 Miles to Happiness 0:30:57 – How he trained to run the marathon in sub-3 [...]


Episode 36 – Mindful Movement for Dads with Richie Norton

  Episode highlights 0:01:40 – Richie comes from a rugby background, but his trajectory changed after an injury  0:05:31 – He went to some dark places before he was lucky to get a lifeline  0:10:52 – We all deal with stress; we just need to work on the tools we have available  0:15:19 – How [...]


Brain Fog Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you have brain fog or feel fatigued? Most of us sometimes feel foggy, tired, and weak. But how would you cope with it, especially when it’s already affecting your tasks and relationships? Let’s go through the causes of brain fog, its symptoms, and how it can be treated. Contents1 What is Fatigue 2 What is [...]


Episode 35 – Insuring Success in Work and Life with Greg Scheinman

Episode highlights 0:02:48 – Greg’s background and journey from filmmaking to risk management 0:05:14 – More about Greg’s journey as he speaks of personal loss and adversity 0:11:32 – Why he made another pivot in his 40s 0:14:40 – How do you define success? 0:18:44 – Insuring Success and achieving success in health 0:24:35 – [...]


Intermittent Fasting vs Calorie Restriction

As people wanted to live a longer and healthier life, different eating patterns have been studied to determine which work best. It is no longer just about losing weight, but people are now looking to the health and aging benefits of eating habits. The new approaches to losing weight can sometimes be confusing. With the [...]


Episode 33- Why Can’t I Lose the Belly Even Though I Exercise

Episode highlights 0:01:00 – Metabolism slows down as we get older 0:02:00 – Check your balance of macronutrients and your sleep 0:03:53 – Low testosterone levels 0:05:21 – Why the GI of your carbohydrates matters 0:06:18 – The effect of dehydration 0:07:08 – How many calories should you eat? Links Visit the Fitter Healthier Dad [...]


Episode 34- Mindset and Motivation for Dads with Jason Graystone

Episode highlights 0:01:41 – Growing up on a council estate, Jason observed the impact of negative mindsets 0:05:00 – At 13, he had a significant mind shift and discovered leverage 0:08:20 – Parallels between a wealth building mindset and health & fitness 0:12:15 – Taming the animal brain 0:17:29 – Are you spending your time [...]


Top 6 Tips on How to Get More Energy for Dads

Are you a dad lacking in energy? Do you have a hard time waking up every morning? Do you feel tired, weak, and no energy? Then you will definitely benefit from this energy-boosting tips so you will know how to get more energy quickly. A dad with low energy often feels exhausted all the time. [...]


How to Sleep Better – 6 Sleep tips for 2020

Sleeping is hugely over looking in the context of weight loss and fitness. In this article I will explain what you can do and how to sleep better and the positive effects sleep has on our weight loss and overall health Eating & Food, Heavy or rich foods, fatty or fried meals, spicy dishes, citrus [...]

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