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Spare Tire Getting You Down? Here’s How to Lose It Forever

A spare tire – or tyre – is a slang term for excess fat around the stomach. That’s all it is. It’s not a different type of stomach, beer belly, or anything else. It’s just fat. This article isn’t going to make it complicated and talk about calories in vs. calories out, or the complex [...]


Episode 66 – Healthy Water For Dads With Mark Kent From Osmio Water

  Episode Highlights 00:00:48 Introductions 00:02:49 Guest Background 00:04:38 In-depth on Processing Water 00:12:00 Filtering Water 00:16:16 Impact of the Quality of Water 00:21:43 Negative Effects of Consuming  Non-Purified Water 00:27:20 What’s Being Done to Raise Awareness about Water Treatment 00:30:39 Is Bottled Water Actually Good? 00:37:31 Levels of Osmio Products 00:50:10 Recommending Osmio for [...]


Episode 65 – How To Get Younger As You Get Older With Dave Asprey from Bulletproof

    Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Guest Introductions 00:04:12 A Brief Background 00:08:57 How It All Started For BulletProof 00:12:38 Bio-Hacking 00:17:52 Optimizing Everything with Biohacking 00:19:43 In Depth on What Works 00:31:30 Cholesterol 00:37:03 Age Doesn’t Matter 00:45:20 Anti Aging Technologies Soon 00:47:59 Evolution 00:54:00 5 key things from Dave 01:01:57 Connect with Dave   [...]


The Best Bodyweight HIIT Workouts for Men

HIIT is great. It really is. Whether you’re new to fitness or a veteran of pumping iron, you’ve heard about HIIT training in one form or another. And there’s good reason for its popularity. High intensity training is one of the most effective fat loss methods available, if done correctly. Best of all, you don’t [...]


The Best Testosterone-Boosting Diet Plan for Dads Over 40

Did you know, the average man in 2020 has 30% less testosterone than their fathers? [1] The hormone can sometimes get a bad rap in society and the media, especially when toxic masculinity gets brought up, but believe it or not testosterone is as close as men can get to a performance enhancing drug. In [...]


Episode 64 – Red Light Therapy for Dads with Red Light Rising

Episode Highlights 00:02:52 Background of Redlight Rising 00:09:26 The importance of proper diet 00:11:50 How Redlight therapy changes your mood. 00:13:24 Biological impact of lights to human beings and all animals. 00:16:55 Difference between Redlight light and sunlight 00:21:31 Best time for Redlight therapy 00:27:05 Benefits of Redlight therapy for muscle recovery 00:30:27 How this [...]


Episode 63 – Better Sleep For Dads with James Swanwick of Swanwick Sleep

Episode Highlights 00:01:17 Guess Background 00:02:53 Paying More Attention to Sleep 00:05:57 Some Things That Compromises Your Sleep 00:08:34 Science Behind The Swanwick’s Glasses 00:12:18 Thoughts On These Important Issues 00:16:50 Question Everything 00:17:53 Swanwick’s Glasses In-depth Discussion 00:20:14 Swanwick’s New Better Night Light Bulbs 00:22:16 Important Sleep Hygiene 00:26:07 James’  Quitting Alcohol Program 00:28:15 [...]


Episode 62 – 3 Most Asked Questions About Dads Weight Loss And Fitness With Darren Kirby

  Episode Highlights 00:00:14 Introduction: Three Most Commonly Asked Questions by Dads 00:01:59 Finding Time for Fitness and Nutrition 00:09:09 Find Your Motivation 00:14:21 Importance of Diet 00:16:06 Recap on Calorie Deficit 00:18:47 Be Extra Careful on Processed Food Contents 00:21:52 In-Depth on Weight 00:23:58 Summary the Episode 00:25:25 Contacts Links   Facebook Instagram YouTube [...]


Episode 61 – Common Misconceptions Dads Have Around Losing Weight/Fat with Darren Kirby

    Episode Highlights 00:00:14 – Introduction 00:00:35 – The Big Question 00:02:12 – Basic Fundamentals in Losing Weight 00:03:18 – Understanding Caloric Deficit 00:06:37 – Stay Active And Keep Doing A Healthy Diet 00:11:18 – All Calories Are Not Equal 00:12:27 – The Three Macronutrients 00:17:06 – Message or contact me on  my socials [...]

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