At Home Workouts without ANY equipment are very possible. With busy lives, work, families and home life it is often difficult to then make time to go to the gym. Logistically it can be difficult with juggling childcare to give you that time to go to the gym. If you train for an hour its an hour and a half once you have travelled their and back and then trained.


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Fitness GuideAnother alternative is to train in your lunch hour. Taking time out of work which again can be difficult in that not everyone has the luxury of a lunch hour. With the increasing demands from employers and if you run your own business you are wearing many hats in your business. Taking time out in the middle of the day is often difficult.

At home workouts are a great alternative We all know that our health is one of the most important elements of our lives to focus on, so how to get fit in getting fitter and healthier. I was faced with this problem but if you understand what your fitness goals are you can manage to fit in exercise when your short of time and also when you don’t have the time to go to the gym.



At Home Workout

For Example;

Once you understand the above you can then use various fitness methods to accomplish your goals. In the example of the above,  I would say a short HIIT Circuit would work just as well as going to the gym and you can do this at home workout either inside or as we are now in summer in the garden and even include the kids.

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Example of at home workouts routine;

Just doing this level of short burst of intense exercise will raise your heart rate enough to increase your fitness over time and burn fat. To see the result you would need to do this consistently for 6-8 weeks at least 4 times a week. Check out our Videos page for more advice and tips and also our Resources page for recommended supplements.

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