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3 Life-Changing Benefits of Vitamin D for Men Over 40

Since the coronavirus pandemic started taking over the world, people have been looking for ways to boost their immune system and fight off disease. One of the most popular conversation topics that has come to light recently is about the benefits of vitamin D for men and whether it’s worth taking a vitamin D3 supplement. [...]


Episode 72 – The Best Diet to Lose Belly Fat with Darren Kirby

  Episode Highlights 00:01:12 Importance of basic fundamental nutritional principles 00:04:17 Lose your belly fat before starting to exercise 00:06:07 Why eating good fats is important 00:08:05 Control your portion sizes 00:09:51 What is a carbohydrate 00:11:41 How important is protein for our muscles 00:13:35 Five key tips for losing belly fat   Links Facebook [...]


Episode 71 – Seasonal Affective Disorder with Matt Lovell

  Episode Highlights 00:04:19 Omega 3 supports natural serotonin production 00:07:15 Drinking coffee improves mood states 00:15:56 Too much of serotonin causes serotonin sickness 00:18:45 Identifying deficiencies in nutrients 00:23:26 Laughing  releases tons of immune and mood boosting factors 00:26:07 Basic pillars of a healthy diet performance 00:28:02 Knock on effect of consuming alcohol 00:32:22 [...]


Episode 70 – Healthy Coffee? With Alex Higham and Alex Manos from Exhale Coffee

  Episode Highlights 00:01:48 Background of the guest 00:10:36 Why coffee is bad reputation in the first place 00:15:01 Polyphenols on the health benefits around coffee 00:18:49 How much amount of coffee should a person drink 00:24:35 What is special about Exhale Coffee 00:28:51 Specialty coffee beans 00:31:00 Benefits of having coffee everyday 00:32:30 Why [...]


Episode 69 – Eat Your Way To A Healthy Gut With Professor Tim Spector OBE

  Episode Highlights   00:03:40 How  effective a vaccine is  going to be 00:05:34 Background of the Guest 00:08:29 Effects of getting our gut microbiome healthy 00:12:37 Basic principles around diet and nutrition 00:18:57 Food Industry changing our way of eating 00:22:15 Connection of our diet to massive health problems 00:35:30 Does the body adapt [...]


How to Train for a Triathlon As a Busy 40+ Dad and Crush It!

I always used to look at people that had done a triathlon with envy. I thought they were an impossible feat of endurance on a level that I could never aspire to, let alone learning how to train for a triathlon. That is, until I completed my first triathlon a few years ago and now [...]


3 Surprising Reasons Why the Fitness Industry Wants You to Fail

Before starting Fitter Healthier Dad, I came to a realization that completely shifted my mindset about exercise and the fitness industry as a whole. I spent years trying different programs, supplements, and diets. But my results never came. What was I doing wrong? I was doing everything I was being told, but no matter what [...]


Episode 68 – Losing 100lb and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Former MP Tom Watson

  Episode Highlights 00:01:46 Guest background 00:03:57 Motivation to Change Lifestyle 00:08:26 UK Diabetes Treatment 00:10:19 Implementing Changes 00:13:11 Fitting the Time 00:16:35 Cutting Off  the Cravings 00:23:49 Avoiding the Tempting Cravings 00:26:11 More Clarity in Mind 0:29:30 Finding the Right Diet 00:34:17 More Alertness 00:36:37 Step by Step 00:41:57 Downsizing 00:47:35 Something to Look [...]


9 Push-Up Variations for a POWERFUL Homegrown Chest

I’m sorry to say but if you’re still doing 50-100 push-ups every morning hoping to grow your chest you’re going to be disappointed. It’s not going to make your chest any smaller, but by itself the push-up isn’t effective over the long-term because our body adapts to it extremely quickly – like most bodyweight exercises. [...]

5 Day Food & Fitness Challenge

Start Losing Fat With Our 5 Day Food & Fitness Challenge!



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