Fitness GuideHave you ever tried a home workout plan to lose weight and get fit?  We’ve all been there, you plan to leave work on time and go to the gym and then life happens. You either get delayed in traffic or train is delayed. You get home and then there has been some drama or its the kid’s bath time.

The gym is the last thing you can fit in or get out of the house to do.

Check out this 20 min home workout plan you can do literally take with you anywhere you go.  The house, garden, hotel room, I’ve even done this workout on holiday with the kids timing me and giving me some encouragement!


It’s a great all body exercise which has compound exercises that work the whole body

You don’t need a massive area just enough to get into a press-up position, get yourself a towel and some water because you will work up and thirst and sweat.

  1. 15 Squats (do this properly getting your bum down low and not bending over too much)
  2. 10 press-ups
  3. 25 High Knees (this is jogging on the spot getting your knees up high)
  4. 10 burpees (check out this link for how to do a burpee
  5. 10 lunges
  6. 10 squats

That is one set, have a 1-minute rest in between each set

Do this set as many times as possible in the 20 mins, when you get better and fitter you should be able to do at least 6 sets in the 20 mins.  But don’t stop there, I have a challenge for you.  Do this set every day for 21 days, it will take dedication and a little self motivation.  Bring your best every time and by the end of the 21st day you will begin to notice a change in your fitness level and your physical appearance.

no gym program for dads and men over 40