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“I’m glad we started before this trip so atleast I could make some good food choices like swapping out sandwiches at lunch for salads and pizza in the evenings for fish dishes. From last week I already felt my clothes are fitting me better and this week noticed the extra energy levels I’ve lost 5kg in the last 2 weeks.”

- Narinder Ruprai
Darren Kirby 12 WEEK
Aaron Marks 12 WEEK
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Fitter Healthier Dad is for dads who want to lose the belly fat but who can’t be bothered getting up at dawn to scoop “superfood” into zipper bags to take to work.

There are no new ways to put on weight, so how is it that there can be enough “new” ways to lose weight to fill every Sunday supplement?

I mean, it’s fine if you’re excited by learning gym routines that a Russian gymnast would find complicated.

The truth is that there aren’t any new ways to lose the belly. But the good news is that the fundamentals are simple to master.

So simple.

Once you’re on the right path — and you know where the force multipliers are — you can move mountains in just 20 minutes a day.

No fads. No BS. No bland diet. No holding your nose to chug something you’re embarrassed to be drinking.

How do I know? Because I was 28kgs overweight and now I’m not.

My name is Darren Kirby, and I went from being a fat bloke (with a personal trainer) to a dad my kids are proud of.

And I’ve made it easy for you to do the same. In 20 minutes a day. No BS.

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Fitter Healthier Dad

My aim is to help 1 million Dad’s live a healthier happy life – and to give them the knowledge and tools to also help their children and families do the same.

I am absolutely passionate about fitness and nutrition and believe you don’t need to lead a limiting lifestyle or live at the gym to be fit and healthy. You just need to have right information.

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Helping you with easy actionable information from nutrition and fitness to help you make the changes and improvements you desire, experts from nutrition and fitness provide easy and simple to implement information.


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