Diets & Gyms Don't Work for Men over 40

Our unique 'Total Transformation' program the 'TT40 method' uses 3 core principles, it has helped thousands of men lose fat and get fit. Without any Diets or going to the Gym

Diets & Gyms Don't Work for Men over 40

Our unique 'Total Transformation' program The TT40 Method uses the 3 principles and has helped thousands of 40+ men lose fat and get fit, without Dieting or going to the Gym

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With the 'TT40 Method' Program
You Will Lose Fat and Get Fit
Just Like These Fit Dads...

Without going to the Gym or Dieting.

“I’m glad we started before this trip so at least I could make some good food choices like swapping out sandwiches at lunch for salads and pizza in the evenings for fish dishes. From last week I already felt my clothes are fitting me better and this week noticed the extra energy levels I’ve lost 5kg in the last 2 weeks.”

– Narinder Ruprai

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Gyms and Dieting don't work for Men over 40, its for 20 year old's who have hours to spend in the gym taking Instagram Selfies and downing Protein Shakes

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Its true, how many ripped 40+ men do you see in the gym or on instagram chucking down protein shakes and weighing out their food?


Why, because it doesn’t work for us and also just imagine the response you would get at home when you disappear down the gym for hours or start weighing out your food whilst doing the kids dinner

The health and fitness industry is only for 20+ gym goers who have the energy and metabolisum of a Ferrari.

How do I know, because for 15 years I tried following what the 20 year olds do and it does not work. 40+ men don’t have the time or inclination.

I spent 8 years testing and perfecting the TT40 Method, so you don’t need to diet and you don’t need to step foot in a gym

No fads. No BS. No bland diet. No holding your nose to chug something you’re embarrassed to be drinking.

My results, I was 61lbs (28kgs) overweight and now I’m not.

My name is Darren Kirby, and I went from being a fat bloke (with a personal trainer) to a dad my kids are proud of.

And I’ve made it easy for you to do the same. In 20 minutes a day. No BS, with The ‘TT40 Method’ Program.

Praise from our clients

Darren and Fitter Healthier Dad, I am truly grateful for your help on this journey - It's only the beginning!

I have lost weight, feel lighter, more energetic, more focused, needing less sleep, y cravings have reduced.  have found ways to improve or distract my craving moments. My knowledge and understanding around food and nutrition has improved immensely. I am training more consistently and I am enjoying my training better as I am seeing the best results I have seen on over  years. It is an all-round success and I am only in my third month. I have a big goal by Christmas and I am on track.

– Damien Finnegan

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